Cosmetics-makeup-bought-vintage-makeup-applying-cosmetics-the joy-of-shopping-for-matching-makeup-and-cosmetics then and now.

Most of the contents of my handbags including liquid foundation makeup, pressed powder makeup from a compact, blush (I sometimes worked a touch of lipstick into the liquid base makeup as a rouge) , the various shades of coordinating eyeshadow, eyebrow pencils, mascara and liquid eyeliner, various matching lipstick and nail polish, a stray used fake fingernail or two and some other items just to be safe. I could have used some better makeup brushesliquid_foundation-makeup-lipstick-mascara-makeup-compact-eye_makeup-blush-nail_polish
Applying the makeup, step one: I tried to match the color of base makeup to my skin tone as possible but my skin tone varies during the year and from one year to the next. Unless I’ve just been to a nice department store to get a perfect match (twice, years ago, I had the pleasure accepting the offer from a woman behind the counter to apply a bit of it) I got so the color of the base makeup depending on how much I’ve stayed inside or been out in the sun. I see people claiming to show how to apply makeup quickly and easily but that has never worked for me. Generally doing my makeup and getting the coordinated outfit to go with it takes a good three hours. I start by making sure I’ve very well shaved or tweezed everything including, naturally, all the unwanted facial hair, my armpits and absolutely everything from the waist down. Luckily I was blessed to naturally have almost no hair at all between the neck and the waist. The next step is to work the liquid base makeup (foundation) in liberally and vigorously (none of this just waiving at it with a brush - I have serious imperfections to smooth out and since the color is usually slightly off it’s important to work it in absolutely everywhere any skin might show - well down the cleavage, the neck, back and arms carefully pulling my hair back so so I can cover the hair line and not get it on the hair, wig or clothes. Unless I’d just had it tested in-store and bought it it was generally few shades lighter or darker than my natural skin color. That meant I needed to really work it in well and evenly everywhere (around the ears, nose-holes face, neck, cleavage, back, and even feather it out on the shoulders and upper arms if I was going strapless - everywhere the current skin toner showed up and contrasted with my current skin tone. Once I’d worked in the liquid base makeup evenly it was time to apply the CoverGirl pressed powder with the pad from the compact.Ivory-Beige-Almay-Fresh-Finish-Balanced-Makeup-Rachel-Beige-Almay-Moisture-Renew-Makeup-Natural-Ivory-CoverGirl-Fresh-Complexion-Liquid-MakeupThe-CoverGirl-Moisture-Wear-pressed-powder. I tried to avoid any touch-ups with the powder or eyeshadow once my mascara and eyeliner were doneCoverGirl-Moisture-Wear-pressed-powder-makeup-compact-closedfacial-powder-from-the-compact-evened-the-foundation-makeup-out-and-took-care-of-the-liquid-base-makeup’s-shininessCoverGirl-Moisture-Wear-pressed-powder-compact-opened then-came-the-rouge-blush-with-brush-to feather-it-out and try to make myself look healthy and hide the roundness of my faceFlameGlo-rouge-blush-with-brush The-eye-shadow came next. I used three or four shades of eyeshadow. For between the eyebrows eyelids and slightly in toward the nose I used Revlon Color Frost soft Blue Eyeshadow Revlon-Color-Frost-Soft-Blue-Eyeshadow-and-Revlon-Deep-Glow-Saphire-Eyeshadow I used my favorite Stagelight_Cosmetics Peacock Blue glitter eyeshadow on most of the upper eyelid. I used the Revlon Deep Glow Saphire shadow on the lower half of my upper eyelids. I learned the hard way that I should try not to re-do the eye-shadow or get carried away with the powder makeup after doing the mascara and eyeliner. CIRCA-1980-Stagelight_Cosmetics-glitter-eyeshadow-in it's-distinctive-triangular-caseyou can see from the open case even in bad lighting that the color is pretty triangular-Stagelight_Cosmetic-eyeshadow-case-open-revealing-Peacock-Blue-glitter-eyeshadow The triangular case open, revealing the Peacock-Blue Stagelight_Cosmetics glitter eye_shadow. Flame-Glow-eye_makeup-four-colors-of-eye_shadowphoto of Flame-Glow eye-shadow from the purse I carried on Halloween in 1988. The purse was really full of makeup. photo-of-open-case-of-coordinating-eye_makeup-opened-revealing-the-eye_shadow-colorsthe Flame-Glow eye-makeup case opened revealing the coordinating colors of eyeshadow. I think I may have used some of this eyeshadow on Halloween of 1988 to try and color-coordinate with the Vanity Fair fuchsia full-brief nylon panties I was wearing that showed so clearly through my Hanky Panky sheer white petticoat (check the 1988 photo in the “Halloweens-in-full-drag” category). photo-CoverGirl-eye_makeup-having-a-similar-color-palette-of-coordinating-eyeshadow photo of CoverGirl eye-makeup with a similar color palette of coordinating eyeshadow colors that was also in my purse. Since I tended to put off deciding which outfit to wear (usually starting by choosing the panties first in my case) I tended to have an awful lot of different shades of eyeshadow, lipstick and nail-polish in the purse with the result that it was hard finding the right color for touchups, especially in a dark bar-room. (add a few drinks and that’s how the nail polish bottle broke while I was rummaging around in there. My lipstick always needed touching up as it was wearing off on a glass or getting it on someone’s cheek (fun). photo-CoverGirl-professional-mascara-and-L'Oreal-Lash-Out-Lash-Extending-Mascaraa photo of the CoverGirl “professional Mascara” and the L’oreal “Lash Out” Lash Extending Mascara which were also in my purse. I was blessed with naturally unusually long curled eyelashes which I’ve heard is unusual for someone born male. I got comments on my eyelashes growing up. And like most drag queens I didn’t feel like being too subtle with my eye-makeup. I put the mascara to good use. Looking back I guess my long lashes were why I didn’t apply false eyelashes. I tried applying the soft black eyebrow pencil to my lower eyelid because I had too much difficulty applying the liquid eyeliner evenly there. photo-soft-black-eyebrow-pencil-CoverGirl-Softline-liquid-eyeliner The upper eyelids were another matter. I loved applying the CoverGirl “Softline” eyeliner and I wasn’t subtle with that either, drawing the liner out anywhere from a quarter of an inch to a half inch past the outside corners of my eyelids. making the eyes look bigger and decidedly more noticeable. One of the women who first did my eye makeup for me, before I’d learned to do it myself, called the eyeliner extensions “wings”. I hung out with a large network of lesbian friends who, to my delight, not only tolerated me but were not shy at all and never hesitated to say what the thought. Straight guys never seemed to understand any of it. Generally I did the tedious task of filing and shaping the fake fingernails to my cuticles right after laying out the sets of matching lipstick and nail-polish. photo-L'Oreal-British-Redcoat-lipstick-Revlon-lipstick-love-that-red-lipstick-Monaco-lipstick The photo of lipstick from my purse showing L’Oreal “British Red-Coat” lipstick, Revlon “Cherries In The Snow” lipstick, Revlon “Love That Red” lipstick, some darker Monaco lipstick. I loved doing my lipstick and applied it repeatedly over the course of the night, running it around the inside of my open mouth, blotting, and always remembering to wipe my teeth with my tongue afterwards. photo-new-set-of-red-Toni-Brattin-Lip-Secret-smudge-proof-waterproof-lipstick Recently I bought a set of red Toni Brattin “Lip Secret” smudge-proof waterproof lipstick, which brought humiliation fantasies of extreme public pantied exposure to mind. In the past I’d provoked women into locking me out of hotel rooms or apartments in just a blouse or baby_doll top and my ladies nylon panties but I’d eventually gotten back inside safely. The fantasies, however, were of being taken out in full drag to whatever place my female companions thought was appropriate, possibly securing me in place and then quickly taking my wig and wrap-around skirt and making their getaway. Without the special remover I wouldn’t be able to get the lipstick off either. I can see how that waterproof smudge-proof lipstick would save a lot of purse rummaging though and It might be nice to try. As you can see I haven’t used it (yet anyway). Revlon-Love_That_Red-nail_polish-and-Revlon-Cherries_In_The_Snow-nail_polishRevlon “Love That Red” nail-polish and Revlon “Cherries-In-The-Snow” nail-polish. It was nice having the matching lipstickphoto-L'Oreal-British_Redcoat-nail_polish-with-two-Monaco-nail_polishes-one-fake-fingernail photo of two bottles of Monaco nail-polish, one bottle of L’oreal “British Redcoat” nail-polish and one fake (torn off) fingernail (more stuff from my purse). I always did the press-on nails and the nail-polish last because it was so easy to tear off a fake nail. bottle-fancy-perfume-bought-by-smell-eighth-street-manhattan-covered-spilled-nail_polish photo of a bottle of perfume i bought in a little shop down in the village on Eight Street in Manhattan after smelling several. The remains of the nail polish that broke in my purse made it hard to read the brand or fragrance. Being a woman is definitely NOT easy. On several occasions femmes would tell me “Now you know what we go through.” Even though I’d practiced some I learned that it takes a lot of skill and practice to learn to do things with long fingernails and just to walk steadily in high-heels, watching where not to step and catch a heel, sink in, or twist an ankle. It did, for me, bring vulnerability.