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Think you can figure out how to make me world famous in my ladies panties? Have you heard the expression be careful what you ask for? Well I’m begging for it and taunting you.. I dare you to make me world famous in my ladies panties complete with relentless saturation media coverage. Maybe you’re not smart enough or too chicken to do it? Double dare! RELEASED INTO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN by me, Panty Buns.

crepe-puff_sleeve_top-Dixie_Belle-lace_trim-full_brief-women's_nylon_underwear-male_model-back_view The pastel blue Dixie Belle Feminine Lace Trim full brief panty purchased from ShopNational shown male modeled in the photo above is made with an Antron Nylon fabric which provides a fair amount of stretchiness. As can be seen in image above, the generous cotton gusset of this panty has a curved rear seam. The pattern and tailoring combine with the stretchy nylon fabric of these full cut ladies briefs to allow for a good comfortable fit. I also posted this this photo of myself modeling the Dixie Belle Antron Nylon Brief #719 ladies full brief panties at


Free-Panty-Photo-Style-and-Co-aqua-floral-short-sleeve-tiered-crepe-ruffle-top-with-Blushing-Pink-Vanity-Fair-Ravissant-nylon-full-brief-women’s-panties-modeled-back-viewtiered_blouse-Blushing_Pink-Vanity_Fair_Ravissant-women's_panties-modeled-back_view I happened to purchase this particular pair of Blushing Pink Vanity Fair Ravissant full brief panties (shown male modeled by me in the photo above) at HerRoom, although there are many stores and retail chains which carry this must-own Undie Award winning panty. Out of all the different pairs of ladies nylon panties I wear, these are by far the most silky soft. The Style 15712 Vanity Fair Ravissant full brief panties have a fuller cut than the Style 13001 Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau full brief panties. They have a surprisingly good fit considering that the rear seam of the cotton gusset is sewn straight across unlike the curved rear seam of the more generously cut gusset that the vintage Vanity Fair Ravissant full brief panties had. The currently manufactured Vanity Fair Ravissant ladies full briefs are also considerably less transparent than the vintage Ravissant panties. The upside of the fabric currently used to make these panties is it’s fantastic silky softness. These panties feel so comfortable and soft against your skin you will never want to take them off.


Free-Panty-Photo-tiered-ruffle-top-rose-Vanity_Fair_Lace_Nouveau-full_brief-women’s_undies-modeled-back_viewtiered-crepe_blouse-full_brief_undies-modeled-back_view I was very lucky to find the last pair of Memoir Rose Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau ladies nylon on full brief panties (see photos above and below) on the rack while shopping in-store at J C Penney. Vanity Fair has manufactured this particular style in quite a variety of gorgeous vibrant colors in the pink family. Some of the colors I was fortunate enough to find in-store in the past were: Ice Orchid (lavender) Fuchsia Shock, Potpourri Pink, Rose, Memoir Rose, True Rose (one of my favorites) and Silk Rose. These panties didn’t stay long on the rack. I had a heart and let another woman have two of the last remaining pairs pairs of the Silk Rose panties I’d just picked off the rack in a J C Penney store in San Diego. (over 20 years ago). If only Vanity Fair realized how quickly panties in that color sell out perhaps they’d manufacture and send more to the retailers that carry them. As of the date I’m writing this, the Style 13001 Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau full brief nylon panties with lace insets are being shown as available at JCPenney online, in packages of 3, in Candelglow, Fawn or White only.


Free-Panty-Photo-crepe-tiered-blouse-rose_pink-Vanity_Fair_Lace_Nouveau-nylon-full-women’s_briefs-modeled-back_viewtiered-ruffled-top Vanity_Fair-rose_pink-nylon-briefs-modeled-back_view
The Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Lace Nouveau Style 13001 ladies full brief nylon panties shown here male modeled, back view, are available both in a wide variety of lingerie and department stores online and in - store. This particular style of Vanity Fair ladies nylon full brief panties are made of a soft finely woven translucent nylon tricot with a cotton lined gusset and triangular lace insets. Vanity Fair advertises these panties as being both comfortable to wear and pretty to look at. I can tell you from personal experience that Vanity Fair full brief nylon panties are incredibly so comfortable to wear that I hate to ever take them off. I put on and wear a clean pair of Vanity Fair ladies nylon panties to bed every night. Sometimes I’ve even worn them into the shower or a bathtub, hand washing both them and myself. I love my Vanity Fair panties. Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau nylon full brief panties are listed as being one of the top rated pairs of women’s nylon underpants at Lady Grace where they are currently available in black, candleglow and white.

Free-Panty-Photo-pink-floral-crepe-puff-sleeve-blouse-with-Aqua-Mist-Vanity-Fair-Lace-Nouveau-full-brief-ladies-nylon-panties-modeled-back-view floral-puff_sleeve-crepe_blouse-Aqua_Mist-Vanity_Fair-nylon-full_brief_panties-male_model-back_view The Aqua Mist pair of Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau ladies nylon full brief panties are shown here male modeled, back view, with an a.n.a. Peplum Tie-Front Electric Pink floral puff sleeve crepe blouse which was purchased from JC Penney. The blouse is obviously a size or two too small for me (it’s a Large) and is also not listed among the currently available a.n.a. tops at JCPenney Although I did find and purchase the Memoir Rose pair of Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau full brief nylon panties which I am shown male modeling (back view) in the photo below at JCPenney, JCPenney’s online store currently shows the three packs of the Vanity Fair lace inset briefs as only being available in Star White, Candleglow and Fawn.


Free-Panty-Photo-Free-Panty-Photo-Spenser-Jeremy-yellow-floral-pleated-neckline-flutter-sleeve-top-black-nylon-Vanity-Fair-Ravissant-full-brief-ladies-undies-modeled-back-viewpleated_neck-yellow_orange-crepe_blouse-black_nylon-full_brief-women's_underwear-modeled-back_viewThe Spencer Jeremy yellow floral pleated neck flutter sleeve crepe blouse male_modeled back_view with Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Lace Nouveau black ladies black nylon full briefs from Macys . The crepe blouse has a satin liner and is clearly a size too small. The Vanity Fair Style 13001 lace inset full brief panties are extremely comfortable and the finely woven nylon fabric feels good against the skin.


Free-Panty-Photo-Hanky_Panky-black-lace-babydoll-red-lace_trimmed-Kayser-nylon-full_brief-ladies_underwear-modeled-back_viewHanky_Panky-black-lace_babydoll-red-lace_trimmed-Kayser-nylon_panties-male_model-back_view You can watch a short video clip of me male-modeling this vintage pair of red Kayser full brief panties (click HERE to view on YouTube).


Free panty photo: turquoise Vanity Fair full brief nylon panties male modeled with a vintage Gilead ruffled pink nylon babydoll
turquoise Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau full brief nylon panties male modeled

Free-Panty-Photo-nylon-ruffled-babydoll-hot-Pink_Tulip-Wintersilks-full-ladies_silk_briefs-modeled-back_viewnylon-ruffled_babydoll-WinterSilks-Pink_Tulip-Full_briefs-male_modeled-back_view This pair of Pink Tulip WinterSilks Style 014FB ladies full brief silk panties is shown in a size small, male-modeled, back view, with a cap sleeve ruffled baby-doll. Note the generous cotton gusset which allows for a good comfortable fit even in a size too small. Wintersilks also now makes a similar high waist silk panty with lace insets , Style number 4943


Free-Panty-Photo-Hanky_Panky-cap-sleeve-lace-top-rose_pink-Vanity_Fair-Lace_Nouveau-nylon-full_brief-semi-sheer_panties-modeled-back_view Hanky-Panky-cap_sleeve-lace_top-women's -full_brief-nylon_underwear-male_model-back_view


i would love to find some full brief nylon panties with the same colour and silky soft fabric as the Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau Memoir Rose pink nylon briefs male-modeled by me, (misterpantybuns) , in this short YouTube video (click HERE to view).

Free-Panty-Photo-Spenser_Jeremy-pleated-neck-top-bath_brush-vintage-Vanity_Fair-Ravissant-black-nylon-full_brief-ladies_panties-modeled-back_viewSpencer_Jeremy-pleated_neck-top-bathbrush-black_nylon_panties-modeled-back_viewYou can see a short video clip of me male-modeling this pair of vintage Vanity Fair black nylon panties (click HERE to view on YouTube).



This pair of Style 98PB Sea Foam Green Maidenform Wise Buys Full Brief panties is shown male-modeled back view with a Style 3366_KMR Kimono Red Flexees Shapewear Everyday Control Microfiber and Lace Camisole . The Flexees Camisole is 82% Tactel Nylon and 18% Lycra Elastane advertised for either inner or outer wear. It is currently offered on line in black or body beige. The Maidenform Wise Buys full cut nylon full briefs are 100% nylon with lace waist and generous cotton lined gusset. Maidenform Style 40614 Wise Buys full cut nylon full briefs with generous cotton lined gusset and lace waist are currently available online in body beige, ivory and white.


Free-Panty-Photo-Flexees_shapewear-lace_trim-camisole-bath_brush-Sea_Foam_Green-Maidenform_Wise_Buys-lace_waist-nylon-full_brief_panty-modeled-back_viewMaidenform-Wise_Buys-nylon-lace-waist-panty-Flexees-cami-bathbrush-male_modeled-back_view You can see a short video clip of me male-modeling this pair of Sea Foam Green Maidenform Wise Buys full brief panties (click HERE to view on YouTube).


Free-Panty-Photo-Maidenform-Flexees-camisole-bath_brush-Vanity_Fair-Lace_Nouveau-full_brief-ladies_nylon_panties-male_modeled-back_view Maidenform-Flexees-camisole-bath_brush-Vanity_Fair-ladies_nylon_panties-male_modeled-back_view

Free-Panty-Photo-frilly-ruffled-cap_sleeve_babydoll-bathbrush-rose_pink-nylon-Vanity_Fair-Lace_Nouveau-full_brief-women’s_undies-modeled-back_viewfrilly-ruffled-cap_sleeve_babydoll-bathbrush-women's_undies-modeled-back_viewYou can see a short video clip of me male-modeling this pair of Vanity Fair pink nylon panties on YouTube (click HERE).

Panty Buns male models frilly babydoll with Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau full brief pink nylon pantied

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