No Pants Subway Ride 2010 (Update) Improv Everywhere

I wonder whether I’ll be brave enough to ride the subway IN MY LADIES PANTIES next year like these folks did! Kudos to everyone who participated in the No Pants Subway Ride! Hooray for panties in public!


3 Responses to “No Pants Subway Ride 2010 (Update) Improv Everywhere”

  1. Panty Buns Says:

    This is GREAT! Between Lagy Gaga’s frequent public panty wearing having made wearing underwear outerwear fashionable The NO PANTS subway ride phenomenon catching on all over the world, fashion watching has become a real treat. I’ve noticed the no pants trend popping up even in relatively formal wear on the runways too. Now I feel better about having the photos of myself modeling ladies full brief panties posted on the internet.

  2. Sissy-Panty-Buns-for-ADULT_WOMEN_ONLY_(please) » Blog Archive » No Pants Subway Ride 2010 Video Hits Over 1,300,000 Views Says:

    Now it’s off to the Improv Everywhere website to let them know I’ve posted this.

  3. Sandra F Says:

    Why wait? I think it would be funny if you get yourself on the news running around in ladies panties. Go ahead and do it. I’ll be LMAO. Make sure you post the links so we can see you getting your embarrassment. Did you get any offers on your “modeling” career yet?