Lingerie Review Videos: Bali, Vanity Fair, Warners Full Briefs

April 5th, 2014

This post contains lingerie reviews of three brands and styles of ladies full brief nylon panties done by me, Mister Sissy Panty Buns, in hopes of becoming the world’s most famous male panty model.

Customer Lingerie Review of Warner’s Modern Brief Panty in Vintage Pink






I love the chiffon floral peplum of the Alison Brittney women’s puff sleeve top I styled with the Warners Vintage Pink nylon full briefs in this OOTD. This blouse also has some frilly feminine ruffles down the front. I love the length of the blouse which hits at my high hip.

TRANSCRIPT: “In this customer lingerie review I’m male-modeling a pair of Warners No Pinching No Problems No Muffin Top full brief panties in the colour ‘Vintage Pink’. In this, uh, lingerie review, I’ve styled this pair of panties with an Alison Brittney floral peplum top. I’ve previously reviewed this brand of panties. Um, they’re very comfortable, and I love this colour. Um, as soon as I saw that colour, ‘Vintage Pink’, I knew I had to have them. Um, I wish I could find some more of them. Uh, they’re a very pretty panty. Um, this customer lingerie review is released into the public domain. Please feel free to share it everywhere.”

Here’s a link to my previous customer lingerie review of these briefs in a different colour on YouTube: MOV-Mister_Panty_Buns-models-and-reviews-Warners-Hibiscus-Petal-Pink-full-briefs-24.AVI).

Lingerie review of Bali Skimp Skamp Briefs Style 2633 by me, Mister Sissy Panty Buns: again, in hopes of becoming the world’s most famous male panty model:

For the most part I like the tailoring of the Bali Skimp Skamp Briefs the rear panel of the panty could stand to be a bit more rounded near the side seams, and to have a more generously cut gusset, especially near the gusset’s rear seam. I am not as big a big fan of vertical back seams as I am gusset seams, even though the vertical back seam may contribute to adding shape to the panty. I prefer the tailoring of the Bali Sleek Comfort Style 2272 which I reviewed in my post titled “A Briefs Update Part 4 - with Customer Lingerie Review Videos” and uploaded a video review of titled: “MOV-male-models-Bali-Sleek_Comfort-full-brief-panties-26.AVI “. The nylon fabric of the Sleek Comfort briefs was not woven as finely as the fabric used in the Skimp Skamp Briefs.






I purchased the pretty Laura Scott Crinkled Peasant Blouse from Sears and chose to style it in this OOTD and lingerie review in order to provide a sharp contrast with the white background of the Bali Skimp Skamp Tender Bud Print Briefs. I purchased three pairs of these briefs - one each from Freshpair, HerRoom and Bealls. The Laura Scott Peasant top was a touch longer than I had hoped, so I has to tuck it up a bit to reveal the panties I was reviewing. If I had let the blouse drape naturally it would have showcased the blouse’s feminine look better and hit at the very low hip.

TRANSCRIPT: “The pair of ladies full brief panties that I’m male-modeling and reviewing in this customer lingerie review video, is Bali Intimates Skimp Skamp full brief panty in Tender Bud Print. Uh, this particular pair of panties is one that I was thinking of wearing to National Underwear Day in Times Square, but chickened out, um, as per usual. Um, this, uh particular brief, the Bali Skimp Skamp Brief was also a former winter, winner in HerRoom’s Undie Awards. Uh, the fit and feel is fabulous, the, the material feels wonderful against my skin, and they’re a pretty feminine panty. Um, I paired it, uh, today, for this blouse and panty outfit, with a Laura Scott, Scott blouse. Um, these panties remind me why I love so much wearing ladies panties. This customer lingerie review is released into the public domain.”

Normally I avoid back seamed panties and would prefer my briefs to have a more generously cut mushroom shaped gusset, but the print won me over because to me it seemed so feminine.

Lingerie Review of Vanity Fair Ravissant Full Brief Nylon Panties in Lilac by me, Mister Sissy Panty Buns, possibly by now the world’s most famous male panty model:

THE WAY THE FABRIC OF A FULL BRIEF PANTY FEELS AGAINST MY SKIN and the way my panties fit are both extremely important to me. I love the feeling of wearing full coverage slippery soft nylon panties that both come up to my natural waist (around my belly button) and also have the elastic of the leg holes sit at the natural fold between my upper thigh and my bottom. The pair of Vanity Fair Ravissant briefs I’m reviewing today are a full coverage panty, have a satin sheen and a very slippery soft feel to them.






Please forgive me for the shakiness of the video in the beginning. My tripod setup was not the best. I didn’t bother describing the blouse I styled in this OOTD because I had worn it with another outfit previously. For more detail on both the green eyelash ruffle blouse and the full coverage briefs, please visit my lingerie fashion and review blog at

TRANSCRIPT: “In this lingerie fashion outfit of the day and review I’m wearing a pair of Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Ravissant full brief nylon panties in the colour English Lilac. The fabric of these panties feels heavenly against my skin. It’s very slippery soft and smooth, um, and very comfortable This customer lingerie review video is released into the public domain. Please feel free to share it everywhere and republish it.”

You can see all but one of my customer lingerie review videos on my YouTube channel

All photos and videos of me, Panty Buns, showcasing ladies full brief nylon panties have been released into the public domain. Please share and republish them everywhere.

Male Modeling Dollhouse Bettie Retro 50s High Waist Satin Panties

April 27th, 2013

Photos and video of a man modeling and reviewing a pair of Dollhouse Bettie Retro 50s High Waist Satin Panties in Peach, size 5.

man wearing peach coloured high-waist satin pinup panties
male models Dollhouse Bettie Retro 50s High Waist Satin Panties

man wearing vintage style ladies panties
Panty Buns male modeling Dollhouse Bettie Retro 50s High Waist Satin Panties


Comments are disabled due to lack of a spam filter but may be left on my Blogspot post titled: “OOTD: Lingerie Review of Dollhouse Bettie Retro 50s High-Waist Satin Panties with Blu Sage Blouse” where there there is a complete transcripts of this customer lingerie review video and more information about this blouse and panty outfit.

You can also see more of my customer lingerie review videos at Mister Panty Buns’s Channel - YouTube

All of the photos of me male-modeling ladies panties and all of my customer lingerie review videos including the ones in this post have been released into the public domain and may be copied, shared, and republished. Please share them.

If you enjoyed this post you may also enjoy the photo and video post of me wanting the world to know I love having my Hanes Her Way Women’s Nylon Brief Panties on

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Male Modeling Hanes Her Way Women’s Nylon Briefs “OOTD” Video Released for Sharing

March 10th, 2013

In the following lingerie fashion OOTD photos and video I’m wearing a pair of lavender Hanes Her Way Women’s Nylon Brief Panties from Kmart paired with a Green Eyelash Ruffle Top from Dressbarn.

img. Mister Panty Buns modeling Hanes Her Way Women’s Nylon Brief Panties jpg

Mister Panty Buns modeling Hanes Her Way Women's Nylon Brief Panties

img male modeling Hanes Her Way women’s lavender nylon panties jpg

male modeling Hanes Her Way women's lavender nylon panties


I want the whole world to know how much I love having my Hanes on. I have released all photos and videos of myself wearing, male-modeling or reviewing ladies panties into the public domain. PLEASE SHARE, DISPLAY AND PUBLISH THEM EVERYWHERE!

You can read more about my blouse and panty outfit and comment on my Blogspot plog post titled: “Outfit Post and Review: Hanes Her Way Women’s Nylon Brief Panties“.


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Man models women’s Chantelle ‘C Magnifique’ Red Panties

February 13th, 2013

Panty Buns male-models and reviews Chantelle’C Magnifique’ Monarch Red full brief panties paired with a Swirl Mesh Smocked Dropwaist Peasant Blouse with ruffled hem and ruching from Dressbarn



For a more complete review of these briefs or to comment, please visit my complete customer lingerie review at my blog: Full Brief Panties: Customer Lingerie Review: Chantelle ‘C Magnifique’ Full Brief Panties

Even a cursory glance confirms that these are, in fact women’s underpants. Their beautiful rich design, full coverage and opacity, makes these panties an excellent choice for wearing out in public in keeping with the increasingly in vogue underwear as outerwear trend. These full briefs seem to me to be begging to be seen.

The photos and video above have been released into the public domain. Please share them.

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Lingerie News, Views, Photo and Video Reviews - Male Modeling Bali Sleek Comfort Ladies Full Briefs

January 6th, 2013

Photos and video of a man modeling and reviewing a powder blue pair of Bali Sleek Comfort Nylon Brief Panties. Quote: “it is what it says it is. Sleek comfort. A very comfortable full coverage brief with a lace trimmed waist.”

Mister Panty Buns modeling Bali Sleek-Comfort powder blue satin panties

Mister Panty Buns modeling Bali Sleek-Comfort powder blue satin panties

Panty Buns male-modeling blue Bali V272 Sleek-Comfort Nylon Brief Panties

Panty Buns male-modeling blue Bali V272 Sleek-Comfort Nylon Brief Panties


Comments are disabled due to lack of a spam filter but may be left on my Blogspot post titled: “A Briefs Update Part 4 - with Customer Lingerie Review Videos” where there are also complete transcripts of my customer lingerie review videos.

You can also see more of my customer lingerie review videos at Mister Panty Buns’s Channel - YouTube

All of the photos of me male-modeling ladies panties and all of my customer lingerie review videos including the ones in this post have been released into the public domain and may be copied, shared, and republished. Please share them.

Lingerie News, Views, Photo and Video Reviews - Male Modeling Vanity Fair Style 15712 Ravissant Briefs in Fucshia Applique

January 6th, 2013

Photos and video of a man modeling and reviewing a pair of Vanity Fair Ravissant Brief Perfectly Style 15712 Yours Ravissant Tailored Full Briefs in ‘Fuchsia Applique’ (ladies purple nylon panties). Quotes: “…such a gorgeous feminine purple.” “…very silky-soft.” “…wear them night and day.”

Mister Panty Buns models Vanity Fair brand ladies purple nylon panties

Mister Panty Buns models Vanity Fair brand ladies purple nylon panties

Mister Panty Buns models Vanity Fair Fuchsia Applique Full Briefs

Mister Panty Buns models Vanity Fair Fuchsia Applique Full Briefs


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You can also see more of my customer lingerie review videos at Mister Panty Buns’s Channel - YouTube

All of the photos of me male-modeling ladies panties and all of my customer lingerie review videos including the ones in this post have been released into the public domain and may be copied, shared, and republished. Please share them.

Lingerie News, Views, Photo and Video Reviews - Male Modeling Teri Intimates Yellow High-Cut Full Brief Panties

January 6th, 2013

Photos and video of a man modeling and reviewing the Teri Everyday Elegance High Cut Brief Panty 756 in yellow, size 6 Quote: “I loved the look of the panty and that yellow colour so much that I ordered another three pairs in size seven”

male modeling Teri Everyday Elegance yellow High-Cut Nylon Brief Panties

male modeling Teri Everyday Elegance yellow High-Cut Nylon Brief Panties

male modeling Teri Everyday Elegance yellow Nylon Brief Panty

male modeling Teri Everyday Elegance yellow Nylon Brief Panty


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You can also see more of my customer lingerie review videos at Mister Panty Buns’s Channel - YouTube

All of the photos of me male-modeling ladies panties and all of my customer lingerie review videos including the ones in this post have been released into the public domain and may be copied, shared, and republished. Please share them.

Lingerie News, Views, Photo and Video Reviews - Man Modeling Warners Hibiscus Petal Pink Nylon Brief Panties

January 6th, 2013

Photos and video of a man modeling and reviewing a pair of Warner’s® No Pinching No Problem™ Brief Panties 5738 in Hibiscus Petal Pink. Quote: “the feel is wonderful, they’re very stretchy… A lovely panty”

male models Warners Hibiscus Petal Pink Full Briefs

male models Warners Hibiscus Petal Pink Full Briefs

Panty Buns male models Warners Hibiscus Petal Pink satin panties

Panty Buns male models Warners Hibiscus Petal Pink satin panties


Comments are disabled due to lack of a spam filter but may be left on my Blogspot post titled: “A Briefs Update Part 4 - with Customer Lingerie Review Videos” where there are also complete transcripts of my customer lingerie review videos.

You can also see more of my customer lingerie review videos at Mister Panty Buns’s Channel - YouTube

All of the photos of me male-modeling ladies panties and all of my customer lingerie review videos including the ones in this post have been released into the public domain and may be copied, shared, and republished. Please share them.

Lingerie News, Views, Photo and Video Reviews - Male Modeling Rhonda Shear Petal Pink ‘Ahh Blossom’ Jacquard Full Brief Panties

January 6th, 2013

Photos and video of a man modeling and reviewing a very feminine pair of Petal Pink ‘Ahh Blossom’ Seamless Jacquard Brief Panties by Rhonda Shear Quote: “I’m delighted with the service and very pleased with the colour of the panty”

Panty Buns models Rhonda Shear ‘Ahh Blossom’ pink briefs

 Panty Buns models Rhonda Shear 'Ahh Blossom' pink briefs

Panty Buns models Rhonda Shear ‘Blossom’ Petal Pink Briefs

Panty Buns models Rhonda Shear 'Blossom' Petal Pink Briefs


Comments are disabled due to lack of a spam filter but may be left on my Blogspot post titled: “A Briefs Update Part 4 - with Customer Lingerie Review Videos” where there are also complete transcripts of my customer lingerie review videos.

You can also see more of my customer lingerie review videos at Mister Panty Buns’s Channel - YouTube

All photos of me male-modeling ladies panties and all of my customer lingerie review videos including the ones in this post have been released into the public domain and may be copied, shared, and republished. Please share them.

Lingerie News, Views, Photo and Video Reviews - Man Modeling Ladies VF Ravissant Mini-floral Full Briefs

January 6th, 2013

Photos and video of a man modeling and reviewing a pair of Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Style 15712 Ravissant Minifloral Tailored Nylon Briefs in size 7 paired with a vintage red Lady Manhattan ruffled blouse in size 18 Quote: “These panties feel wonderful, and in my opinion, are suitable for outerwear or to wear to the beach in addition to being lovely underpants.”

Panty Buns male modeling minifloral satin knickers

 Panty Buns male modeling minifloral satin knickers

male models VF Lingerie Mini-floral Nylon Full-Brief Panty

male models VF Lingerie Mini-floral Nylon Full-Brief Panty


Comments are disabled due to lack of a spam filter but may be left on my Blogspot post titled: “A Briefs Update Part 4 - with Customer Lingerie Review Videos” where there are also complete transcripts of my customer lingerie review videos.

You can also see more of my customer lingerie review videos at Mister Panty Buns’s Channel - YouTube

All photos of me male-modeling ladies panties and all of my customer lingerie review videos including the ones in this post have been released into the public domain and may be copied, shared, and republished. Please share them.

NSFW Funny Weird free Happy New Year photo eCard

January 1st, 2013

Disclaimer: This post is tongue in cheek. Please read, look, watch and share in the context of its intent to be light-hearted funny weird quirkily sexy? entertainment and comedy - so when you share it an accompanying “LMAO” would be appropriate.

A funny weird Happy New Year Photo eCard titled:

“Happy New Year Sweetie Try Wearing Ladies Panties To Stop Adjusting Yourself in Public”


FunnieOrDieVideo: “Why Women Should Demand That Men Wear Ladies Panties NSFW”

MOV-Why-Women-Should-Demand-That-Men-Wear-Ladies-Panties-NSFW-.AVI - watch more funny videos

Transcript: “Hi. This question is for women trying to have relationships with men who act very macho. Have you ever had problems being embarrassed by your man, scratching himself or adjusting his man parts in public? Do you know why they do that? It’s because their underwear is uncomfortable. Men’s briefs tend to be very scratchy and coarse material and their leg bands are made of an inferior elastic. Also men who wear boxers, their man parts tend to go down one leg. Now if you’ve ever had your man cheat on you and tried to give him a good kick in his man-parts and missed because it was, they weren’t where you thought they’d be? Here’s a solution, I think. Convince him that you would like it if he tried wearing some ladies panties. They’re so much more comfortable, for him, and they’re silky-soft, they hold his man-parts in place, and he won’t have any reason to scratch, or, adjust himself in public. Not only that, but then if he cheats on you, and you go to kick him in his man parts? You won’t miss. This video is released into the public domain.”

For serious recent male-modeled customer lingerie review videos, please visit my YouTube Mister Panty Buns’s Channel. You can also see some older male modeled panty photos on the pages of this blog.


October 14th, 2012

Relatively recently, the Undie Award winner for Favorite Brief (Regular Cut) for the THIRD YEAR (winning in 2008, 2011, 2012) was the Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Ravissant Brief 15712

“This full brief by Vanity Fair is once again your favorite. Made of 100% nylon for a silky soft feel, this panty provides full coverage. It’s offered in many different colors so everyone can have the color they love. The panty has an ultra-soft covered elastic waistband and covered elastic leg openings for a comfortable, custom fit. Comes in sizes 5 to 12 (Small to 5X)”

Previously YouTube user Vanity Fair Lingerie had uploaded a video titled “Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Ravissant Tailored Brief“, although there was no mention of its having won Undie Awards in 2008, 2011, and 2012 since they apparently uploaded the video prior to winning the award yet again.


Transcript: Transform your intimate apparel wardrobe with the Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Ravissant Tailored Brief. This beautiful best selling style is a classic, with its double stitched waistband and comfortable no-ride elastic leg openings.Tailored from soft one hundred percent nylon fabric, this panty provides full coverage comfort to make it the perfect complement for any style of clothing. Available in an extended size for curvy figures. Experience Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Ravissant Tailored Brief.

YouTube user Vanity Fair Lingerie also uploaded a video titled “Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Lace Nouveau Brief

Transcript: Add a little feminine flair to your intimate apparel wardrobe with the Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Lace Nouveau Brief. The beautiful lace insets offer a delicate appeal, while the elastic waistband and leg trim give you a flexible and comfortable fit. This silhouette promises full coverage in both the front and back. Satiny nylon fabric keeps you comfortable throughout the day. Discover the elegant sophistication of Vanity Fair’s Perfectly Yours Lace Nouveau Brief.

As I watched these videos it I couldn’t help but continue to feel miffed that some of the customer lingerie review videos that featured me modeling the identical brand and style of Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Lace Nouveau Briefs had been marked with a warning: “This video may contain material flagged by YouTube’s user community that may be inappropriate for some users” and requiring people to sign in (and have a Google account?) in order to view them. One poorly lighted video of me modeling and reviewing these same briefs had disappeared and in it’s place was posted a false claim saying “This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy on nudity or sexual content” (slandering me). I consider that it was a clear-cut case of sex discrimination and that the real objection was to my being a MAN SEEN WEARING LADIES PANTIES!

An embed of one of my earlier videos:

The pair of Memoir Rose Vanity Fair Perfectly Yours Lace Nouveau Style 13001 ladies full brief nylon panties shown here male modeled, back view, are available both in a wide variety of lingerie and department stores online and in - store. This particular style of Vanity Fair ladies nylon full brief panties are made of a silky-soft finely woven nylon tricot with a cotton lined gusset and triangular lace insets. Vanity Fair advertises these panties as being both comfortable to wear and pretty to look at. I love the colour, look and feel of these panties and wish I could find more of them in a similar vibrant ultra-feminine pink colour. This video is released into the public domain. Please share it.

Mister Panty Buns male models pink satin knickers

As always, I love having the photos and videos of myself male-modeling and reviewing women’s underwear shared and republished as much as possible so please don’t hesitate to do so.

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Video Lingerie Review - Male Models Maidenform Tricot Full Briefs

June 12th, 2012


I love wearing and male-modeling ladies full brief panties. This particular pair of classic full cut nylon panties is Maidenform’s Wise Buys Tricot Full Briefs in white. They are made of a soft silky nylon tricot and have a lace waistband.

This video lingerie review featuring me male modeling and reviewing Maidenform brand ladies full brief nylon panties has been released by me into the public domain. Please share it everywhere. After all, what good is it if nobody see them?

You can view some of the other customer video lingerie reviews featuring me male modeling ladies full brief knickers on my YouTube channel (Mister Panty Buns’s Channel)

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February 5th, 2012

In a clear cut case of sex discrimination of my lingerie review videos got totally censored out by YouTube. In trying to justify the censorship they slandered me twice.

Lie number one: First they posted a notice saying the video had been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.



YouTube then issued a strike against my YouTube account along with a threat:



When I appealed pointing out that the allegation was bogus, YouTube then posted a different lie.



It occurred to me at this point that the “YouTube Community” may have been infiltrated by members of the AFA, the FRC, or their ilk.

When I Googled “Censorship Advocacy by Hate Groups” the top listing in the Google search was the Wikipedia entry on the American Family Association (AFA). Frank Russo, an on-air spokesman for the AFA of New York unabashedly states that the AFA positions are “Conservative Catholic values” and that homosexuality is sinful.

Although bigoted totalitarian right wing prudes often take extreme positions opposing any kind of nudity or even lingerie ads on the internet, their most aggressive false-flagging campaigns and vitriol are reserved for cross-dressers. Since I male-model ladies panties I find often find myself in their crosshairs. It is much easier for them to argue that men shouldn’t wear women’s clothing (sex discrimination) than it is to argue babies should be blindfolded while breast-feeding and that we should have been born with clothes on. The transphobic vitriol, discriminatory censorship and persecution do not end with the media and the internet, but it is there where the general public is fed a steady diet of lies and, with a few notable exceptions, where the truth gets buried.

Unfortunately as many of us have found out about censorship first hand by having our free speech and expression censored by large corporations who control the internet. Whether it is service providers or the large social networking sites who have attained anti-trust action worthy status, the result is the same. Agitation by a handful of haters and bigots often results in free speech and expression being stifled through straight up censorship. A couple of the large multitude of hater groups agitating for and bullying these corporations into doing the censorship are:

The Family Research Council also known as the FRC and the American Family Association have both been designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a Hate Groups , defined as an organized group or movement that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or other designated sector of society. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) hate groups’ “primary purpose is to promote animosity, hostility and malice against persons belonging to a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin which differs from members of the organization”. Other Hate groups listed by the SPLC include 186 separate Ku Klux Klan groups with 52 websites and 196 neo-Nazi groups with 89 websites.

Just who are these people? James Dobson and Tony Perkins are among the many haters at the FRC, while Donald Wildman, Timothy Wildmon, Forrest Daniels, Curtis Petrev, Jack Williams, Burt Harper, Gayle Alexander, Forest Sheffield, Tim Fortner are Directors at the AFA. The AFA has 200 radio stations. Frank Russo and Frank Schroeder appear on many of their cable TV shows. Though they would probably deny being hate-mongers the version of “conservative Catholicism” they espouse paints all trans-people as sinful deviates.

On November 10th, 2011 the American Civil Liberties Union posted some under-reported news: Senate Rejects Resolution That Would Undermine Net Neutrality. Quoting the ACLU article: ” “By rejecting this unwise resolution to overturn net neutrality, the Senate has voted to protect the Internet and preserve its crucial role in advancing the artistic, intellectual, political and economic vitality of our nation,” said Christopher Calabrese, ACLU legislative counsel. “Without net neutrality, Americans’ access to the Internet would hinge not on our right to free speech but on the whims of the corporations that would control it.” “

In recent trans-phobic news, Bridgette Miller of Bust Magazine posted an article titled: “Transgender Woman Makes a Shirtless Statement“. Quoting that Bust Magazine article: “A trip to the DMV can be an exercise in patience for anyone—but for one transgender Tennessee woman, it became a fight for equality. Andrea Jones of Morristown, TN, went in to change her sex from male to female on her driver’s license; when her request was denied, she walked out to the parking lot and took her shirt off. She was arrested for indecent exposure, and argued that if the state recognized her as male, she had the right to be topless in public.” On July 7th of 1992 New York’s highest Court, the Court of Appeals of New York ruled in NY v Santorelli (80 N.Y.2d 875 600 N.E.2d 232) that laws prohibiting exposure of breasts were unconstitutional as they were based on gender and were not substantially related to any important governmental objective. All laws prohibiting the public exposure of female breasts were struck down since they contained “clear gender-based classification, triggering scrutiny under equal protection principles (see Craig v. Boren, 429 U.S. 190, 97 S. Ct. 451, 50 L.Ed.2d 397). Since this case is still the precedent, not only are bare breasts legal in the State of New York, but it is illegal to discriminate based on the gender of the person with exposed nipples. It would follow, logically, that it is also illegal to discriminate against a person modeling panties because of their gender.

YouTube and Google argue that if one is singled out for censorship they should not point to others who are NOT censored because that is not relevant to whether or not YouTube’s terms have been violated. That specious argument doesn’t hold water and is a transparent red herring argument for evading any questions about whether or not they practice discrimination in violation of Craig v. Boren, 429 U.S. 190, 97 S. Ct. 451, 50 L.Ed.2d 397 .


Photos of a man wearing ladies panties are occasionally treated as if they were hard-core pornography, rather than the standard modeling of lingerie that they actually are. By contrast lingerie manufacturers, newspapers, magazines, both broadcast and cable networks , internet companies and movie producers go out of their way to show women in their underwear. Women are seen in panties almost everywhere including on billboard advertising.

As long as it is a woman doing the modeling of women’s underwear, even the most sheer panties will generally not get censored, yet men get censored wearing opaque briefs merely because they are clothing associated with the opposite gender.

The pretty Pin Up Sheer Mesh Knickers carried by Pandora’s choice are see-through lingerie. There is nothing wrong with that whatsoever, nor is there anything wrong with nudity. As the title of a Lady Gaga album showing her bare bottom says, undeniably, we are “Born This Way” (naked).



We should dispense with the specious arguments and enjoy the look of beautiful lingerie.

Bernie Dexter modeling lingerie a YouTube video on BabyGirlBoutique’s Channel.

Pandoras Choice also has a YouTube channel, Pandorasretro, where Pandora’s Choice has uploaded some nice slideshows, like this one, titled: “Lingerie and classic 1950s style womens underwear from pandoraschoice - YouTube







The Style 4234 sheer black mesh nylon Pleated_Panty from Secrets In Lace is quite pretty, has nice feminine lace trimmed leg openings and are very much see-through except for the generous gusset.

The elomi Lara Brief Panty 8065 shown modeled back view at HerRoom is quite sheer except for a panel in the front.

As for the video that YouTube first claimed was spam, at one point lied claiming it was explicit and then lied again claimed it violated their policies, you can see for yourselves that it is NOT spam, NOT explicit, contains NO nudity and NO sexual content. Here is the video on Twitpic (no longer available for viewing on YouTube). There was no excuse for the video being flagged or even less excuse for putting a strike against my account for it.

MOV.Male_Models-Pink_Satin_Panties.AVI  Censored by YouTube t... on Twitpic

I don’t know what else can be done about the gratuitous sex discriminatory censorship other than to oppose further mergers of these way too-powerful internet giants and perhaps join the ACLU in their fight for our freedom of speech and expression. If you feel being supportive like it you always could stop by my YouTube Channel and leave a comment or give my video uploads a Like (Thumb Up).

This male-modeled customer lingerie review video can now be viewed under the Funnie or Die topic Funny Panties, where the embed code is available so you can share it on your blog, webpage etc..

MOV_Male-Models-Pink-Satin-Panties.AVI from Mister_Panty

MOV_Male_Models-Pink-Satin-Panties.AVI - watch more funny videos

You can decline the adobe flask upgrade and then view the video with no problems.
PLEASE SHARE IT everywhere! What good is wearing pretty pink panties if nobody sees them? PLEASE SHARE THIS Video everywhere! Thanks.

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SCOTUS: Innocence is No Excuse. Thou Shalt Kill!

September 22nd, 2011

A Letter by me at

SCOTUS: Innocence is No Excuse. Thou Shalt Kill!

“In States across the country only pro-death jurors are allowed to sit on a capital case.

“As both the Innocence Project and Amnesty International have pointed out, wrongful convictions are commonplace.

“Only turkeys and the politically connected get pardoned.

“The injustice system in the United States functions on fabricated and falsified evidence, coerced testimony, exclusion of exculpatory evidence, over-charging, and plea bargains. The U.S. has a higher proportion of its population in jail than any other country in the world, and that’s not because it’s citizens are more criminal.

“The public has been brainwashed by TV shows like “Criminal Minds”, where the presumption of guilt is always correct.

“What better way to let the world know that we have become the Fourth Reich than by executing the innocent?

“The Supreme Court has effectively ruled that innocence is not a defense and endorsed murders by the States.”


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Fox Censors Alec Baldwin’s Phone-hacking Joke out of Emmys

September 20th, 2011

As reported by Mary Elizabeth Williams in a article titled Can’t Rupert Murdoch take a joke?”“As part of a pretaped satirical bit that was to air during the opening of the show, Emmy-winner Alec Baldwin played a fictional network president talking on the phone - - and worked in a zinger about Rupert Murdoch listening in.” Baldwin had tweeted “Fox did kill my NewsCorp hacking joke. Which sucks bc I think it would have made them look better. A little.”

In a Letter responding to that article I wrote:

Fox IS a Joke and Murdoch is Evil

“Alec Baldwin’s joke was funny, timely, and fit in with the roles he plays. The censorship was inexcusable but understandable given that the phone hacking most likely was done by Murdoch et al on a much larger scale than has been disclosed so far.

“When Murdoch took over the Wall Street Journal and Barrons I stopped reading them because I’m not into fiction. That’s also why I don’t watch Fox “News”.

“More important than the question of Murdoch not being able to take a joke is the question of what evil deeds he’s planned and been perpetrating in furtherance of a unitary Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” owned and directed by himself.

“How sad that his henchmen would reach down to squelch even light hearted jokes. Alec was right. Now Fox and NewsCorp look even worse.”



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Internet Privacy Getting Unscrupulously Trashed

August 2nd, 2011

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PUBLIC SERVICE NOTICE (WARNING to would-be Earthlink web-hosting customers): Earthlink allows the release of the personal names, home residence addresses and personal private home telephone numbers of it’s web hosting customers without prior notice even if privacy had been requested and assured and despite legal requirements that customers be allowed to “opt out” of the invasion of their privacy.

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As the ACLU notes in their recent article titled “Web Tracking and Online Privacy“, “Unfortunately some businesses will chase profits even when it violates consumer’s expectations of privacy”

Pseudonyms have a long tradition of usefulness in the furtherance of controversial ideas and speech. Among some famous examples are Benjamin Franklin who wrote under the pseudonym “Silence Dogood” and Samuel Clemens who wrote under the pseudonym “Mark Twain”. I can’t help but wonder whether he would still have considered writing anything that questioned man’s inhumanity to man with respect to the institution of slavery if his real name and home address were published along with everything he wrote.

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No More Dred Scott Style Decisions For LGBT Marriage?

June 24th, 2011


The New York State Senate has tonight, on June 24th 2011, finally passed an equality in marriage act. Gratuitous sex discrimination based solely on gender or on gender orientation will hereinafter be illegal in New York State. Apparently some loopholes were carved out which would prevent bigots who cite religion as a pretense from being prosecuted for continuing acts of discrimination and hatred. Although not all church weddings will be available, officially performed and recognized marriages performed by public officials will be recognized in New York State in approximately 30 days. Governor Andrew Cuomo is set to sign the bill. New york becomes the sixth State in the country to recognize LGBT marriages.

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Two YouTube Videos of Man In Panties False-Flagged as “potentially inappropriate content”

April 11th, 2011

YouTube has severe problems with rampant false flagging of videos and they don’t have enough unprejudiced humans in their employ to review and unflag all the unjustly restricted videos. Innumerable videos are getting false flagged as “inappropriate” based on politics, theology and personal taste by prudes and bigots who have found false flagging to be an effective tool for suppressing expression which doesn’t conform to their own narrow-minded agendas.

Months ago two of my videos were false flagged and YouTube started to require viewers to log in in order to view the videos which were wrongfully put on restricted status.

Two of the auto-generated statements made by YouTube with respect to two of my videos are blatantly false.

Those two false statements are:

1) “This content may contain material flagged by YouTube’s user community that may be inappropriate for some users.”

2) “potentially inappropriate content,”

Contemporaneously, images of me male modeling ladies full brief panties, back view, stopped showing up on image searches.

The two videos are: “PICT_Male-Models-Vanity-Fair-Rose-Pink-Full-Brief-Panties-2.AVI“, which is a video of me doing a customer review of me wearing the same blouse and panties I was wearing in the image shown below (PICT0092.2-Male_Models-Vanity_Fair-rose-pink-full-brief-panties.JPG):


and “PICT_Panty_Buns-Male_Models-Ladies-Pink-Nylon-Panties-7.AVI“, which is a video of me doing a customer review of me wearing the same blouse and panties I was wearing in the following photo (PICT0397_2-Panty_Buns-male_models-pink-nylon-panties.JPG:


Although YouTube’s lawyers may have been trying to cover themselves against libel claims by using the words “may” and “potentially”, the statements are still false and indisputably constitute sex discrimination.

Google’s YouTube may CONSIDER THIS AN APPEAL and request to have an UNPREJUDICED human restore both videos to unrestricted status.

One need only to view the YouTube videos by Victoria’s Secret, the YouTube No Pants Subway Ride 2011 by Improv Everywhere, and the numerous other videos of women in their ladies panties on YouTube to see that placing the two videos of me male modeling pink nylon panties on “Restricted” status is a blatant act of sex discrimination.

The falsely flagged videos in question of me (a man in panties) are embedded below:


Transcript: “The ladies full brief nylon panties that I’m wearing right now are Vanity Fair’s Memoir Rose Style 13001 Lace Nouveau full brief nylon panties. I love these panties and the color especially, which I wish that they still made. Um, as you can see, the gusset has a straight across rear seam, unlike the classic vintage Vanity Fair Style 13001 briefs which were manufactured years ago. These are my favorite panties.”


Transcript: “I guess you can see why so many women call me Panty Buns. Um, I’m male modeling a pair of Vanity Fair full brief nylon panties. They’re Lace Nouveau Style 13001 in Memoir Rose. I love being seen male-modeling ladies panties as a world famous male panty model. So you can just share it with every adult woman you know, um, and let me know what you think. You can let me know what you think at

What is really peculiar is the difference between Google’s publicly stated goals of freedom of expression and in opposition to censorship and their current flagging system on YouTube and Google Image Search.

The United Nations has on it’s website “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, which the U.N. adopted on December 10, 1948. Google has pointed out that recent censorship attempts sought to violate Article 19 of that document and quotes it as saying: “Everyone has a right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

Despite having decried this kind of censorship, Google’s YouTube Community aids and abets censorship when it comes to the false flagging of YouTube videos. Google’s flagging system allows a minority of extremist prudes to effectively censor whatever they don’t like. Those who have their photos and videos false-flagged have no adequate recourse. Ergo, Google’s own policy enabling the false-flagging of videos as “potentially inappropriate” violates the very rights they claimed to support when they cited Article 19 of the United Nations “Declaration of Human Rights”.

As of this date YouTube continues to have an unmanageable problem with political operatives and bigots false-flagging every video they don’t like and not enough unprejudiced reviewers to correct all the false flagging. When free expression and due process are increasingly subordinated to systematic attacks by a group of ideologues and there is inadequate capacity (not enough unprejudiced human reviewers) for appeals and redress, then perhaps Google and YouTube should consider eliminating the entire system of flagging. It appears the system only works for those who like to false-flag.

the content on this site constitutes free speech and expression protected under the Ninth, Fourteenth, and First Amendments to the of the United States. This site is not commercial, is not a business, does not sell any service or product or anything at all, does not receive or solicit any compensation.

ALL PHOTOS AND VIDEOS OF ME MALE MODELING LADIES FULL BRIEF PANTIES ARE FREE AND ARE RELEASED INTO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN for any and all purposes with the sole exception that any attempts to restrict the rights of others to publish and share them shall be null and void.

Net neutrality demands that dominant internet presence may not be used to stifle or censor unpopular views, images and videos. These photos and videos are to remain forever in the public domain. For YouTube to require the public to acquire a YouTube channel and log into it in order to view any of my videos violates net neutrality and infringes on the rights of the public to peruse that which is in the public domain. Additionally to the false-flagged status is an example of market dominance being abused to restrict access to public domain material in furtherance of sex discrimination. Part of the purpose of the First Amendment is to protect unpopular expression and insure that it can be seen and heard. It would be nice to think that large corporate media owners might reconsider their opposition to having a free press.

Tags: #false flagging, #full briefs, #man in panties, #sex discrimination, #weird news, #funny, #viral video, #share this #violations of net neutrality

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Big Brother Is Out Of Control - Patriot Act, Blackwater

February 23rd, 2011

If President Barack Obama signs it (he may have already) the (unconstitutional and unpatriotic) Patriot Act provisions condoning the spying on and illegal searches of U.S. citizens and their business records and roving wiretaps on everybody will be extended. The United States Senate voted 86-12 for the extension (check to see if you Senator voted to spy on you). Please let them know you don’t approve of this attempted stripping away of our basic freedoms.

Blackwater Worldwide has changed its name to Xe Services.

Subsequently Xe Services was acquired by USTC Holdings LLC. ran a piece titled “Despite Denials, Blackwater Still Working For U.S.

The Xe Services website: ( redirects to:
U.S. Training Center.

On it’s website, under the heading of Xe - Careers, it states: “U.S. Training Center is famous for our ability to deliver hard hitting, effective training experiences for military, security and law enforcement professionals as well as civilians“.

Don’t you feel more secure knowing your local police or neighbors may have attended training courses like these?

Wendy Wysong, a partner at Clifford Chance, LLP oversees the export compliance program at Xe Services acting as Special Compliance Officer.

The Chertoff Group in collaboration with the Avascent Group performed due diligence on USTC Holdings’ behalf.

The Chertoff Group was formed by Michael Chertoff, the former head of the Department of Homeland Security under George W. Bush.

According to an article on The Chertoff Group by Public Intelligence It’s leadership team “includes former high level employees of the DHS, CIA, NSA, and FEMA.” General Michael V. Hayden, former Director of the CIA and NSA, has clients which manufacture body-scanning equipment, and advocates for their use by the TSA.

This is confirmed in The Chertoff Group’s press releases. They list the Chertoff Group’s advisory team for the USTC Holdings acquisition of Xe Services as including “Michael Chertoff, Co-founder and Managing Principal at The Chertoff Group; General Michael Hayden, Principal at The Chertoff Group and former Director of the CIA and NSA; Charles Allen, Principal at The Chertoff Group with more than 40 years of service at the CIA; Nat Fogg, Managing Director at The Chertoff Group; Gary Shiffman, Managing Director at The Chertoff Group; and Joseph Bernabucci, Senior Associate at The Chertoff Group, among others.”.

The releases state that Xe Services (formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide) has provided training to more than 50,000 U.S. Government Personnel.

This video is more pertinent now than ever:

The End of America movie - Official Trailer.

This film is based on the New York Times Best Seller by Naomi Wolf. You can purchase the movie HERE.

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No Pants Subway Ride 2011 - YouTube Video by Improv Everywhere

January 17th, 2011


“On Sunday, January 9th, 2011 over 5,000 people took off their pants on subways in 48 cities in 22 countries around the world. In New York, our 10th Annual No Pants Subway Ride had over 3,500 participants, spread out over six meeting points and ten subway lines.”

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December 15th, 2010

The Constitution of the United States and it’s Amendments are neither left nor right, liberal or conservative. It’s Bill of Rights Day today, December 15th.

As I write this our government’s Attempts to prosecute WikiLeaks endanger press freedoms (

As two of the most recent comments on Glenn Greenwald’s Dec. 14th article pointed out, the Supreme Court ruled in Lovell v. City of Griffin, GA, 303 U.S. 444 1938 that “The press in it’s connotation comprehends every sort of publication which affords a vehicle of information and opinion”. The Court quoted from the First and Fourteenth Amendments in it’s decision. Quoth another commenter: “The use of the word “prosecution” should be changed in ALL these matters to PERSECUTION.”

As I said previously, the Bill of rights is not a politically partisan document, and it’s not voluminous. In fact there are several sources, including the Cato Institute, where Pocket sized booklets with the entire Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States with the Bill of Rights can be purchased inexpensively.

Here is a version with some extra explanation added in parenthesis (most versions don’t add the explanatory notes).

ARTICLES in addition to, and amendment of, the Constitution of the United States of America, proposed by Congress, and ratified by the legislatures of the United States of America, proposed by Congress, and ratified by the legislatures of the several States pursuant to the original Constitution.



(First Amendment - religion, speech, press, assembly, and petitioning the government)

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.


(Second Amendment - Right to Keep and Bear Arms,)

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.


(Third Amendment - Protection from the Quartering of Troops in one’s home)

No soldier shall in time of peace be quartered in any house without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.


(Fourth Amendment - Individual Sovereignty, Security and Privacy, Warrants required for presentation and later return, all but particularly described items and persons to be excluded and accountability by sworn oath that the cause is probable )

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrant shall issue but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.


(Fifth Amendment - Right of the accused to not be questioned about themselves, no double jeopardy, liberty, property)

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or other infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.


(Sixth Amendment - Due and Proper Process, right to a speedy trial, to subpoena witnesses and evidence for the defense, to know what the the charges and evidence are, to have the assistance of a lawyer and an impartial jury, )

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of council for his defense.


(Seventh Amendment - Rights in Civil Trials)

In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury shall be otherwise reexamined in any court of the United States than according to the rules of the common law.


(Eighth Amendment - Bail, Fines and Punishment)

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.


(Ninth Amendment - The rights of individuals are not limited to those listed here.)

The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.


(Tenth Amendment - Federal Government’s Power Limited)

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the People.



(Fourteenth Amendment - EQUAL RIGHTS and PRIVILEGES under the law, and the bill of rights made binding upon all levels of government and throughout the nation as an absolute minimum amount of individual liberty which must be “preserved, protected and defended” as embodied in the required oath for every public office throughout the land)

1. All persons born or naturalized in the United State, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States, nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor deny to any person within it’s jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

If you wish to help support and defend the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or learning more please contact the

American Civil Liberties Union
125 Broad Street, 18th Floor
New York, NY, 10004
(212) 549-2500
or visit their website at

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What Is The Government Hiding By Blocking Wikileaks?

December 3rd, 2010

Back on July 30th, 2010 F.A.I.R. (Fairness And Accuracy In Reporting posted an article titled: “Wikileaks and the U. S. Press Media resistance to exposure of government secrets“. Unfortunately what we should have learned about the bad actors and bad activities that created a need for Daniel Ellsberg’s release of “The Pentagon Papers” seem to have been lost. We ignored history so it’s repeating itself.

How ironic that at the same time The Center for Public Integrity is reporting that there is a “Whistleblower Bill Close to Winning Senate Approval“, there are some Senators and Congressmen clamoring for prosecution of the persons who leaked or even those who publish the information from Wikileaks that should never have been marked “classified” in thre first place. The bill does not provide protection for disclosure of classified information, but the First Amendment and precedent do. What these documents reveal is that the documents were classified to prevent the public from finding out any information about wrongdoing or that was embarrassing, and that their being marked “classified” was generally not for reasons of security at all. Rather, it was “national security” being used as a cover to hide bad acts.

Succumbing to pressure from right wing political hacks like Joe Lieberman (see Dec. 2nd Salon article by Glenn Greenwald titled: “Joe Lieberman emulates Chinese dictators“), the U.S. internet hosting provider for Wikileaks website appears to have taken Wikileaks offline at least temporarily utilizing what Julian Assange was quoted in The as calling the “privatisation of state censorship”. According to the article there is, temporarily at least, a “new Germany-based Wikileaks domain - -

In a followup to an article titled “Wikileaks - News and Background | American Civil Liberties Union“, the ACLU notes that “Prosecuting Wikileaks For Publishing Documents Would Raise Serious Constitutional Concerns“.

The Nation reports in an article titled Wikileaks vs. Empire” that “leading US human rights lawyers Leonard Weinglass and Michael Ratner have joined the defense team for Julian Assange and Wikileaks.”

Some of Democracy Now’s headlines on December 3rd, 2010 included the following: “State Department. Bars Staffers from Wikileaks, Warns Students“, “Attorney: Assange Accused for Not Wearing Condom During Consensual Intercourse“, “CIA Engineered Spying on U.N. Diplomats“,and “Law Enforcement Agencies Conduct “Real=Time Spying Without Court Orders“. Earlier headlines included articles like “Wikileaks Cables Reveal U.S. Tried to Thwart Probes of Gitmo Torture and CIA Rendition“, and the Nov 30th article “We Have Not Seen Anything Yet”: Guardian Editor Says Most Startling Wikileaks Cables Still to be Released“.

Unfortunately, here in the U.S., even some supposedly “liberal” publications such as Mother Jones in articles like the one written by Kevin Drum titled “The Wikileaks Charade” miss the point that the exposure of officially sanctioned wrongdoing in the furtherance of war and torture needs to be exposed and not covered up utilizing the feigned rubric of “national security”.

The Nation posted a video of the Democracy Now! round-table discussion with Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and The Nation’s Greg Mitchell on the Wikileaks Document Dump. The article quotes Daniel Ellsberg reminding viewers that “not one single soldier or informant has been in danger from any of the Wikileaks releases…. That risk has been largely overblown.”


There are, unfortunately, just not enough journalists like columnist Glenn Greenwald (writing about the subjects of “The media’s authoritarianism and Wikileaks) and Naomi Wolf, (blogging about the “Espionage Act: How the Government Can Engage in Serious Aggression Against the People of the United States“) to be a good counterweight to the authoritarian bias of the mainstream media. Naomi has been warning of the direction we are headed for some time, having written the article “Fascist America, in 10 easy steps” in The Guardian back on April 24, 2007. The problem is that not enough people are hearing the message and we are sliding in that Fascist direction fast.

I strongly suspect that the recent slanderous attacks against Naomi Wolf recently have been made in an attempt to silence her and others writing about the direction our government had been/is headed in and to divert our attention from the way our liberty is being stripped away from us.

Quoting from the Wikipedia pages on Naomi Wolf’s book

The End of America

In The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot, Wolf takes a historical look at the rise of Fascism, outlining the 10 steps necessary for a Fascistic gruop (or government) to destroy the democratic character of a nation-state and subvert the social/political liberty previously excercised by its citizens:
1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy.
2. Create secret prisons where torture takes place.
3. Develop a thug caste or paramilitary force not answerable to citizens.
4. Set up an internal surveillance system.
5. Harass citizens’ groups
6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release.
7. Target key individuals.
8. Control the press.
9. Treat all political dissidents as traitors.
10. Suspend the rule of law. [27]

The book details how this pattern was implemented in Nazi Germany,
Fascist Italy, and elsewhere, and analyzes its emergence and application in American political affairs since the September 11 attacks. [28] [29]

Watch this YouTube video: Talk - Naomi Wolf - the End of America - Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot (47:47 on the subject of how, historically, democracies have been turned into oppressive dictatorships).

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New Term For TSA Molestation: Gate Rape

November 26th, 2010

A new term for groping by TSA employees is spreading rapidly across the internet. The term for the TSA airport screening procedure is Gate Rape.

Read the additional information on 12 TSA Harassment cases by clicking on the down arrow just under the view count on this the TSA violating it’s own rules with respect to the exemption from radiation for breast milk.

Let a jury decide if the TSA went off the track” reads the headline of the article by Paul Mulshine of the Star Ledger. While appearing with United States Senator Frank Lautenberg, Janet Napolitano, Director of Homeland Security, Ms Napolitano had to backtrack from her claims about what was optional and admit “travelers have been told they face fines of as much as $11,000 for refusing to accept the pat-downs. According to the article Steve Strunsky of the Star Ledger “collared Lautenberg and asked him about a particularly disturbing case: An ABC News employee passing through Newark reported that a TSA employee had felt around inside her underwear, touching her bare skin.”

In fact the Gothamist published a report titled “3 Women Say TSA Screeners Groped Vaginas During Pat Down“.

Gary Benoit of the New American posted an article about Congressman Ron Paul on TSA Abuse: “Enough Is Enough”. Ron Paul, who posted a statement on his website, referenced the American Traveler Dignity Act he has introduced which would ensure that the TSA and its employees are subject to the same laws as the rest of us. Essentially it would mean TSA agents could be arrested for groping just the same as everyone else.

An article in the Philly Mag’s Philly Post says “TSA Makes Air Travel Seem Like Bad Reality TV“.

Natasia Langfelder’s post on the blog LEZGET Real shed more light on how Those TSA Body Scanner Things Suck.

The ACLU Reports More Than 900 Complaints This Month Over “Enhanced” TSA Security Measures and Novembers post-Thanksgiving reports are still coming in.

Lindsay Beyertein of the blog “big think” posted an article titled: “Pose Nude, or We’ll Touch Your Junk“.

The blog GladRags published a post including a quoted first hand account of how the TSA Groin Searches Menstruating Women and infowars also posted the account of how the TSA Groin Searches Menstruating Women.

The Stir had reported about the bladder cancer survivor soaked by urine when the TSA screener broke Tom Sawyer’s urostomy bag and there was no apology or offer for help at that time. The apology came later only after he’d filed a complain with the TSA.

Even after being subjected to the added radiation she did not want, TSA screeners subjected breast cancer survivor Cathy Bossy, a flight attendant, to an aggressive pat down, feeling her breasts with their full hands and then asking her to remove her prosthetic breast. Apparently TSA screeners have also been groping the genital areas of young children, traumatizing them.

The ACLU is asking people to sign a petition telling the Department of Homeland Security that the TSA must respect passenger’s privacy rights.

Surveys about the degree of acceptance of the Fourth Amendment violations of privacy and dignity have been badly skewed, because
the surveys do not include the large numbers of people who declined to fly and either stayed home or took alternative means of transportation rather than submit to being violated in this manner. Most people do not have a desire to submit to groping, assault and battery, forcible exposure, or molestation.

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Prudes Panties In A Bunch Over Diesel Brand Panty Photoshoot

November 19th, 2010

MSN NZ reports “Law school angry over library photo shoot” after Diesel took “photographs of men and women in skimpy lingerie in racy poses alongside books and computers”. Daily Mail had an online article with more photos of the models in Diesel Brand underwear posing in a Brooklyn, NY law school library as did which titled an article full of the photos: “Advertisement Photos of Diesel Be Stupid“. In fact there were a whole slew of articles that included photos like this one:

Photo of Models Posing In Diesel Brand Underwear Photoshoot

The photos were posted everywhere in the tabloids, where in typical tabloid fashion there was feigned outrage while making sure to publish the sexy photos.
The only really controversial part was that the Dean of the Law School which had rented out the space had his panties in a bunch about it after the fact, claiming the law school didn’t realize the nature of the photoshoot. Just how detached from reality are all these people who claim to be offended and where do they get off railing against free speech, free press, and photos or videos of the lingerie shoot being published?
There have been far sexier and more provocative lingerie ads in the past by other companies like Agent Provocateur, plenty of public print lingerie ads by Maidenform for decades, Underwear modeled publicly by Trashy Brand Lingerie models, Victoria’s Secret models on television and on the Jumbo-Tron in Times Square, The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, The No Pants Subway Ride, The Jamaica Underwear Run in Central Park, NYC, several other public, and countless other events where people showed up in their panties. Appearing in public in panties has really come into vogue ever since Lady Gaga burst onto the scene seeming to appear almost everywhere out in public in her panties, including at the airport, doing screeners a favor. There were plenty of panty-clad people out protesting the TSA’s policies of either seeing everyone virtually naked or else groping them to the point of it becoming a sexual assault or abuse. It seems to me that if officials are going to condone forcing people to be seen in their underwear (or less) then voluntarily being out in public should be perfectly acceptable, and in fact it has become so. Models are regularly featured in their underwear on the covers of fashion magazines and the lingerie manufacturers and retailers post videos of their lingerie being modeled in YouTube video as do their customers. Even I have posted videos of myself male modeling different full brief panties on YouTube (Mister Panty Buns’s Channel) and have posted photos like this one of myself male modeling ladies panties before:

Vanity Fair Rose Pink Nylon Full Brief Panties Male-Modeled Back View

The New York Post also posted their report (with photos) on their YouTube channel in a video titled “Troublesome Underwear - New York Post“.
I just couldn’t resist making a comment on it.

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Net Neutrality Is A Free Speech Issue

October 19th, 2010

Read why the ACLU says preservation of network neutrality is a key free speech issue of our time.

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Please Read The Comment Policy

October 15th, 2010

Please read the Comment Policy before commenting. Thank you.

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September 26th, 2010

So What’s the story with why the episode of Sesame Street with Katy Perry was cancelled? Reportedly it was because of negative feedback they received, but the negative feedback wasn’t disclosed leaving us to speculate:

Oh, no! It’s an attractive woman with breasts singing and dancing! Eek!

There seems to be no limit to what these prudes will try to censor, whether it’s me or Katy Perry. What if someone’s ankle shows (gasp!). Apparently someone thought there was too much cleavage (under the fine mesh of her outfit) or that she seemed too sexy. Why do PBS, Google, Apple, Youtube, Facebook and Flickr knuckle under to the hypocritical manufactured pressure from fundamentalists, ideologues, theocrats and their techno-spammed hate campaigns?

Was the negative feedback related to previous big hit by Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl?

One wonders whether they might have had horrible headaches at Sesame Street trying to decide whether they should have hired a transvestite to avoid having cleavage or conversely since Katy Perry was asking Elmo whether he wanted to play “Dress Up” may have worried that people who have Transphobia might be perturbed. Many bigots harbour intense hatred and loathing for trans-gendered, transsexuals, transvestites, cross-dressers etc..

Speaking of hypocrisy, Someone at the Mercury News pointed out that Elmo wasn’t wearing any pants!

Maybe the top executives were afraid someone would catch them ogling Katy Perry’s breasts. Are they going to refrain from coverage of candidate O’Donnell due to her having cleavage? After all, theocratic Senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell does show more cleavage than Katy Perry did in the Sesame Street video that got pulled.

Look out Miss Piggy, Katie might want to play with Kermit! What’s the deal here? The song and the skit are adorable. Who will be censored next? Snow White? Alice in Wonderland?

Katy Perry sings “Hot N Cold” with Elmo on Sesame Street!”

It was excellent timing that Katy Perry appeared on Saturday Night Live soon after the censorship had reared it’s ugly head at PBS. Katy performed “Teenage Dream” on Saturday Night Live Sept. 25, 2010. Katy and her back-up singers wore outfits that looked a bit like school uniforms. The hemlines of the tiered red skirts were high enough to reveal the black panties underneath to be frequently visible during the performance.
Not only are panty-revealing outfits very much in vogue, but the song but the lyrics fro the refrain of chorus “Don’t ever look back, Don’t ever look back” gave me a feel-good feeling as well.

Thankfully for the most part the fashionista, GLBT and feminist communities have rejected censorship. That doesn’t mean there aren’t right wing-nuts posing as feminists who want to censor everything. For them I would suggest that they think about the hard struggle for equal rights and privileges for women and how censoring people based on gender is not feminist at all.

Maybe it’s the fact that i have found myself on the receiving end of censorship that i am so sensitive to it.

You Tube has aided and abetted the “YouTube’s user community” in the perpetration of sex discrimination and the committing of defamation by allowing the video titled: PICT_Male-Models-Vanity-Fair-Rose-Pink-Full-Brief-Panties-2.AVI: video to be FALSE-FLAGGED and failing to un-flag it after this wrongful flagging was brought to their attention.

The continuing libel accompanying the demand for people to have an account and sign in to see this video appears when someone clicks on the video and states:

“This video or group may contain content that is inappropriate for some users, as flagged by YouTube’s user community.”

Here is the TRANSCRIPT from the flagged video is titled: PICT_Male-Models-Vanity-Fair-Rose-Pink-Full-Brief-Panties-2.AVI:

“The ladies full brief nylon panties that I’m wearing right now are Vanity Fair’s Memoir Rose Style 13001 Lace Nouveau full brief nylon panties. I love these panties and the color especially, which I wish that they still made. Um, as you can see, the gusset has a straight across rear seam, unlike the classic vintage Vanity Fair Style 13001 briefs which were manufactured years ago. These are my favorite panties.”

YouTube and Google are noticed and are fully aware that this video was flagged SOLEY because of my gender. If I had been female this video would not be flagged.

Failure to un-flag this video would be affirmatively negligent and evidence of intent to knowingly continue the defamation motivated by sex discrimination - a hate crime.

If YouTube were to try tto defend this false flagging it would fly in the face of President and CEO Eric Schmidt’s recent claims at his interview with the Wall Street Journal that he opposes censorship and would by implication make him out to be a liar.

It would also bolster the credibility of the French Court in Paris that recently convicted Google and it’s chief executive, Eric Schmidt, of defamation.

Perhaps the entire construct of how access and control of the internet is being co-opted and controlled, by whom, and the premises of the basic setups should be re-examined. I believe the internet should be for adults,that unfiltered searching should be the default setting, and that if people want to control what they or their children can view then they should be the ones bearing the burden of installing filtering programs like Cyber-Nanny or programs that censor stuff for THEIR OWN viewing only, not for everyone else’s. I myself have no interest whatsoever in viewing or being viewed by people who are not adults and greatly resent it whenever I feel that my viewing or being viewed is being limited by narrow minded selfish bigots who place their agenda or avaricious desires above the Constitution of the United States and its Amendments, the Bill of Rights.

Let the un-american prudes who advocate censorship be the ones who have to accept cookies, as in WARNING: PRUDE. Let the advocates of freedom have the more secure cookie free safe from virus setups. Let the right wing-nuts, theocrats and prudes be relegated to the limited niche of hackery, censorship, deceit, lies, history re-writing and prejudice that is their comfort zone - all in their own little bubble.

There is no reason the rest of the world should have to abide by their prejudices.

Here is the video titled “PICT_Male-Models-Vanity-Fair-Rose-Pink-Full-Brief-Panties-2.AVI” that YouTube requires people to sign in to see, stating:

“This video or group may contain content that is inappropriate for some users, as flagged by YouTube’s user community.”

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Right Wing Strategy: Divide And Conquer (Editorial)

September 16th, 2010

Beware! The prudes are coming and the tidbits below are just a tiny sample of the issues they hope to use to take power.

The effects of the multi-pronged election strategies by the far right wing to get a stranglehold on government have become much more visible in the wake of the primary elections held on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010. Along with the usual suppression and disenfranchisement techniques and there were also more conversions to the less transparent or verifiable computerized voting in this Primary Election - shades of things to come as history’s lessons go ignored. There were also the effects of the Supreme Court having further weakened or obliterated campaign finance regulations that were like swiss cheese to begin with. Another large factor was undoubtedly the discouragement evident nation-wide which reduced voter turnout. With all this as a backdrop the stage was set for the far right to trot out the “hot button” or “wedge issues” that it knew would energize its base and get them out to the polls. Rather than have you too focused on the fact that you are “losing your jobs, your houses and your civil rights” they pound away at the issues of “abortion, affirmative action, economy, immigration, and marriage equality” to divide the feminist movement and then conquer at the polls.

This following YouTube video titled “Framing Feminism - Hot Buttons by Lorraine Sheinberg, Written and Narrated by Susan Rubin” was uploaded by the Feminist Majority Foundation.

We can see this strategy at work in the campaign of Christine O’Donnell, who, as the president and founder of the S.A.L.T. (Saviour’s Alliance for Lifting the Truth) , argues that masturbating is committing adultery. She claims that people can’t masturbate without lust in their hearts and that lust outside of marriage is committing adultery. She also argues for a literal interpretation af the Bible’s Book of Genesis and the teaching of creationism in the schools.

Here is an embed of that YouTube video of Christine O”Donnell arguing that masturbation is adultery. It had been aired on MSNBC and uploaded by tpmtv as seen on talkingpoints memo dot com

In keeping with Orwellian tradition, the “Tea Party” claims to be the cure for the very ills they and their ilk have been bringing down on us for decades if not centuries. Be wary of authoritarians promising freedom and rich people promising empowerment.

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Comment Policy

September 15th, 2010

Since so few people are taking note of the Comment Policy I am presenting it again as a main page post.

Simply comment on the topic of the post and don’t include links to illegal stuff. How hard is that?

Comments on this website are moderated. If you have made a legitimate comment and it has not yet been posted, THANK YOU for your comment! Please be patient as it sometimes takes me a while to get to them. Please do not SPAM. Unfortunately I often have to delete more than 150 spam comments per day. I love getting genuine non-spam comments, even nasty ones. To increase your chances of getting your comment posted please note:

Legitimate comments get great latitude since censorship is deplored here. Offensive and derogatory comments do get published including colorful language.

Promotion of illegal stuff is not allowed unless, in the sole discretion of the administrator it is Constitutionally protected free expression and the laws are unconstitutional.

The same goes for links. Please do not submit URLs for illegal activity.

SPAM gets deleted. If your comment does not have some relation to the post under which it was submitted it will be deleted. Some self-promotion is okay, but comments with little or no content and tons of links and html are more likely to be deleted.

Generic comments are spam. Generic comments and comments unrelated to the posts will be deleted and/or marked as spam.

I reserve the right, as administrator, to edit SPAM and fuck around with it or add editorial comments to any pro-censorship political hackery. With that said,

This is a free speech site and chances are your non-spam comments will be published. Good commenters are more likely to get links. Thank you for your patience.


Elena Kagan Confirmed as Supreme Court Justice

August 5th, 2010

Elena Kagan, who had been nominated to be a Supreme Court Justice by President Barack Obama, was confirmed by the United States Senate today. Elena Kagan is only the fourth woman in the history of the United States to serve on the Supreme Court.


National Go Topless Day On August 22th 2010

July 20th, 2010

August 22nd, 2010 is National Go Topless Day. Last year it did not seem there was much prior notice about it but there were plenty of articles posted after the fact. Most of the articles, like the one in the Daily News titled: “Topless women march in Central Park for right to bare breasts” chickened out and did not publish the photos of female nipples (men have photos of their nipples in the media all the time).
Note: Baring Breasts Is Legal Here (and Should Be Everywhere).
On July 7th of 1992 New York State’s highest Court. the Court of Appeals ruled in NY v Santorelli (80 N.Y.2d 875 600 N.E.2d 232) that laws prohibiting exposure of breasts were unconstitutional as they were based on gender and were not substantially related to any important governmental objective. All laws prohibiting the public exposure of female breasts were struck down since they contained “clear gender-based classification, triggering scrutiny under equal protection principles (see Craig v. Boren, 429 U.S. 190, 97 S. Ct. 451, 50 L.Ed.2d 397). This case is still the precedent in the State of New York. Bare Breasts are Legal. cites information provided by as a source for its list of“10 successful cases recognizing women’s right to be topless in certain states or cities”


DOMA Ruled Unconstitutional

July 9th, 2010

United States District Court has ruled that Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional. The Plaintiffs are seven same sex couples married in Massachusetts and three survivors of same sex spouses, also married in Massachusetts. The Defendents included United States Attorney General Eric Holder.

In last two sentences immediately preceding the Conclusion of the ruling, wherein the Defendent’s (Justice Department’s) Motion to Dismiss was Denied and the Plaintiffs Motion for Summary Judgement was Allowed, the ruling reads as follows:
“And, where, as here, “there is no reason to believe that the disadvantaged class is different in relevant respects from a similarly situated class, this court may conclude that it is only irrational prejudice that motivates the challenged classification. As irrational prejudice never constitutes a legitimate government interest, this court must hold that Section 3 of DOMA as applied to Plaintiffs violates the equal protection principles embodied in the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

The Court’s ruling (MEMORANDUM) issued today, July 8, 2010 (PDF file) was uploaded by

The decision came to my attention both on the “crawl” at the bottom of a screen on a television station and in article at by Alex Pareene titled: Section of Defense of Marriage Act ruled unconstitutional.

Vivienne Foley of CNN wrote an article titled: Judge rules same sex marriage ban unconstitutional. Department of Justice spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler is quoted as saying of the ruling: “We are reviewing the decision.”

In her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan had stated that as Soliciter General she supported the government’s (Defendent’s) side of the case which defended DOMA (the Defense Of Marriage Act). She could have declined to answer because it is a matter which may make its way to the Supreme Court, but she chose to answer. How does one interpret that?


Is Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan A Closet Neocon?

July 1st, 2010

Could Elena Kagan Be A Closet Neocon?
i watched the majority of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan. At first i had the impression that she would be an open-minded jurist. Perhaps she still will be. There were parts of the hearing that were, of course, laughable, i.e.: Senator Charles Grassly having his first round of questioning on a paper she had written before she ever went to law school. She gave the impression the she was merely doing the best job she could for whomever she was working. Going into the hearings, having read some of her papers i thought she would be pro-privacy and was concerned about her views with respect Habeas Corpus. Did i hear right that she supports the Defense Of Marriage Act (D.O.M.A.)? i hope not. What REALLY CONCERNED ME GREATLY was that she said that as a Supreme Court Justice, she wouldn’t take into account “natural law” or the part of the Declaration of Independence that says that our inalienable rights, among others, include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Steven recognized the correlation between the liberty clauses of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments and the liberty clause in the Declaration of independence. I was ABSOLUTELY AGHAST when Elena Kagan said that there had to be a textual basis for rights. This TREATS THE NINTH AMENDMENT LIKE IT NEVER EXISTED. Without the promise of the Ninth Amendment the Constitution never would have been ratified. The fear was that if rights weren’t listed they would be gone. The Ninth Amendment states that: “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” In other words people’s rights aren’t limited to those that are listed (i.e.: The pursuit of happiness). The view Elena Kagan espoused of a textual basis being required would give State and Local governments the ability to take away every conceivable right which wasn’t spelled out in text with impunity . To me, that is not being a Progressive. That is being a Neocon. The ONLY positives i saw were that she believed in equal rights for women, and that she would think about things with an open mind before deciding them. Joe Biden would have pressed her about natural law and the Ninth Amendment had he been on the Judiciary Committee. No, Elena Kagan is not a “liberal”. She will probably get confirmed. Will we ever get our Bill of Rights back? Will i live long enough to see it?


Will Elena Kagan Be The Next Supreme Court Justice?

May 9th, 2010

According to multiple (not necessarily reliable) internet sources, President Barach Obama is set to select Elena Kagan for referral to the Senate Judiciary Committee as his choice as the next nominee as a Justice on the Supreme Court of the United States, replacing Justice John Paul Stevens. If she is nominated and confirmed it would be the first time in history that three women have sat simultaneously on the bench of the Supreme Court. She would also become the third Jewish Justice on the court currently.
On a somewhat positive note, according to an article in NPR entitled:Obama to Nominate Kagan for Supreme Court , it was noted that she had served as a Supreme Court law clerk for the late Thurgood Marshall and was a dean of the Harvard Law School. On another positive note, she seems to be sensitive to gender based discrimination. On a less positive note, there are many who feel that Elena Kagan’s record is less than stellar with respect to some basic civil liberties like the right to privacy. Glenn Greenwald of authored an article entitled: “The Case Against Elena Kagan”. The article points to some prior examples where she seemed to approve of Bush/Cheney policies which were regressive and infringed on basic human rights such as the universal right to Habeas Corpus.
Briefly skimming an Harvard Law Review paper (Vol 114, No. 8 (Jun., 2001), pp. 2245-2385) on presidential administration by Elena Kagan the document does appear to me to lean in favor of a notion that Federal departments, bureaus and agencies may be overseen and directed by the Executive rather than the Legislative branch of government except for areas of Federal Agency oversight where Congress has with specificity precluded the Executive branch from asserting such authority.
The debate over at the Huffington Post with respect to Elena Kagan as a Supreme Court Pick is raging with thousands of comments posted on the potential nomination already.
The Justice Elena Kagan would replace, John Paul Stevens, had lectured on the relationship between the liberty clause of the Declaration of Independence (”unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”) and the liberty clauses of the 5th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution (life, liberty and property). Justice Stevens tended to rule narrowly, restricting the scope of his opinions somewhat closely to cases similar to the one being appealed from rather than making broad declaratory rulings.
The current Supreme Court has been far too prone to subjugating the rights of individuals to the powers of government and other large corporate and organized interests. I for one will be watching closely to see what the views of the next Supreme Court nominee will be with respect to individual liberty.


Stop Spam Comments

May 2nd, 2010

No More Spam Comments, Please

This site’s Comment Policy is clearly stated in the page listings (over on the right side) or you can just click HERE to go to the Comment Policy page.
This site is moderated by a live human being. If you want a link, ask and/or write an intelligent comment on the topic of the post.


New York Post’s Slurs Against Women Mindlessly Repeated

March 29th, 2010

In an article entitled: Girls flock to trampy prom dresses Annie Karni of the New York Post used the words “stripper” “slutty” “shocking” to describe the current fashions. These slurs came to my attention reading an article by Erin Donnely in SyleList entitled
Prom Dress Trend for 2010 is ‘Slutty Chic’ citing the New York Post article. I responded irately with the following comment:
“Since when do we follow Newscorp’s slurs, i.e.: “slutty” to denigrate womens’ desires to be in style a la Lady Gaga? The New York Post is owned by Newscorp, headed by the same right wingers who would have all women be back in the kitchen baking cookies, covered up head to foot and acting as servants to their male masters.”
Shortly thereafter I noted that Jezebel had run an article entitled: Trashy Prom Dresses Remain Flash Point In Ongoing Intergenerational War With my emotions still inflamed from the other two articles and having barely gotten past the headline, I fired this email off to the articles author,


Dear Jenna,
It irks me that anyone would follow the lead of the New York Post in calling women or their attire “slutty”. The New York Post is owned by Newscorp, well known for its right wing promulgation of the sexist anti-woman mindset which would have all women be barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen, covered head to toe when in public, and subservient to their male masters. It is no surprise that the prudish right wing would be aghast at the idea of women following the latest fashion trends a la Lady Gaga.
Yours, Panty Buns
and “”

Maybe I overreacted and maybe not. What do you think?


No Pants Subway Ride 2010 Video Hits Over 1,300,000 Views

March 23rd, 2010

Improv Everywhere did a post on it’s blog today announcing that their No Pants Subway Ride 2010 YouTube Video had passed the 1,000,000 view mark and 300,000 subscribers. Improv everywhere offered an “Improv Everywhere Best Buy” blue polo shirt to the first person to post a screenshot of their Youtube Channel after they passed the 300,000 YouTube subscriber mark. By the time I’d seen the contest post and tried a screenshot I was about an hour and 45 minutes too late to win. They had hit that mark and I’d taken the wrong screenshot showing 1,300,009 views but not the subscribers. Now that I got the right one showing 300,151 subscribers figured I might as well go ahead and make a post out of it anyway. I had previously posted the No Pants Subway Ride 2010 YouTube video on my blogspot blog, Full Brief Panties and here at my WordPress blog back on January 22nd, 2010. Here are the screenshots from today:
No Pants Subway Ride 2010, 1,300,009 ViewsNo Pants Subway Ride 2010 breaks through 1,300,000 view mark.

Screenshot OF Improv Everywhere's YouTube Channel At 300,151 SubscribersScreenshot of Improv Everywhere’s YouTube Channel Showing 300,151 Subscribers

As I’ve undoubtedly mentioned before, since I have previously posted photos of myself in my full brief nylon panties here on this site at , it’s gratifying to have so much company in having panties on display.


No Pants Subway Ride 2010 (Update) Improv Everywhere

January 22nd, 2010

I wonder whether I’ll be brave enough to ride the subway IN MY LADIES PANTIES next year like these folks did! Kudos to everyone who participated in the No Pants Subway Ride! Hooray for panties in public!


No Pants Subway Ride 2010 and No Pants Day

January 11th, 2010

How could I have not known about the No Pants Subway Ride until I saw it on the television evening news on January 10th 2010? After having seen Ida Siegel of NBC television interviewing a woman as she stood there in her pretty pink panties on a New York City subway I did a few Google searches and read in in Wikipedia about No Pants Day and the Annual No Pants Subway Ride being totally separate events. Before I could write a post or attempt to take a crude video of the television set when the story came back on that night Improv Everywhere’s No Pants 2010 Reports were already coming into their blog at a good clip. There were participants, observers and news media already posting photographs and videos online. I was delighted to find out later that the the same Pants Off On the Subway was posted on line with embedding enabled:

View more news videos at:

The version of Ida Siegal’s segment on the 9th annual No Pants Subway Ride - January 10th, 2010 , which was uploaded to YouTube by BigAppleM, seemed, in my opinion, to be a little more complete and more smoothly embedded than the original version. (opinion only) Attempted re-embedding below:

I’m looking forward to reading about and observing more blogs, comments, photos and videos of this epic annual public underwear exposure event as they continue to be written and released. (and enjoying this immensely! Congratulations to all the public undie advocates and brave souls who participated. I hope this movement continues to grow. I, personally, was not born with clothes on, but feel underwear is a nice compromise. P.S.: Hooray for Lady Gaga, Madonna and Pink, too! Loved that sidewalk “Time Warp” (from the Rocky Horror Picture Show).


May Liberty Return for the New Decade

December 31st, 2009

Wishing everyone who reads this a happy and healthy new decade. May our liberties be restored, the authoritarianism ceased, the wars ended, the Constitution and Bill of Rights respected, and the gender-biased censoring prudes be seen as the hypocrites they are. It is my understanding that tonight, December 31st, 2009, there is a second blue moon for the month. That is what is known as a blue moon. As the decade turns this once in a blue moon, may we once again see the restoration of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness among others as the inalienable rights which we were all endowed with by our creator - our individual sovereignty. Have a Happy New Year.


Internet Spying and Internet Censorship

November 25th, 2009

Over the course of the last decade there has been a dramatic increase in Internet Spying. Some of the spying has been done for the purpose of data mining in order to sell the information or directly for marketing purposes. Much of the internet spying and marketing was done for political and ideological purposes under the feigned rubric of national security. A large proportion of this spying was instituted in an effort to silence criticism of the last presidential administration and to deliberately invade people’s privacy in furtherance of the anti-sexuality, pro-corporate interest policies and agenda of that administration. Since the bureaucracy and courts are still heavily laden with these political appointees the policies have continued. Internet Service Providers have continued to not only acquiesce to this spying by a plethora of agencies and parties, but to assist in it. Even worse, it seems that the internet service providers themselves along with a host of other big name internet based companies and social services networks have joined in both the internet spying and data mining, finding it financially advantageous. It seems liberty was never a consideration. The financial bottom line and the views of the heavyweight corporate owners has trumped freedom, and as a result the violations of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act with respect to US.Code: Title 18 Chapter 119 Wire and Electronic Communications interception and Interception of Oral Communications have become rampant. Please see
US Code Title 18 Chapter 119 Wire and Electronic Communications interception and Interception of Oral Communications and read up the Stored Communications Act. See
US Code Title 18 Chapter 121-Stored Wire and Electronic Communications and Transitional Access For updates on the situation I would recommend checking frequently at the website of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) , the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Wired News .

With respect to internet censorship: An example of alleged Facebook and Internet Censorship: According to a Dec. 19, 2008 NY article Barry Schnitt of Facebook defended the censoring (removal) of breast feeding photos claiming they are unsafe for children. He added that “the photos we act on are almost exclusively brought to our attention by other users who complain”. Apparently Facebook believes women’s bare breasts are obscene and that babies should be blindfolded while breast feeding - this despite numerous rulings to the contrary in States around the country. The Court of Appeals, New York State’s highest Court once ruled that laws prohibiting bare breasts in public were unconstitutional because that is gender discriminatory. There is little controversy about men having their nipples exposed in public.

One of the most ironic things about all of this is that the excuse of “national security” has been invoked to justify secrecy and privacy with respect to officially sanctioned wrongdoing whilst simultaneously that same “national security” is invoked to dispose of any secrecy or privacy for individual citizens.

I hope readers will feel free to share other reports of of internet spying and internet censorship in their comments.


Support, Some Relief, Concerns, and a Tribute to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

September 29th, 2009

American_Civil_Liberties_Union_:_Tribute:_The Legacy_of_Ruth_Bader_Ginsburg_and_WRP_Staff Ruth Bader Ginsburg founded the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project in 1972. See American_Civil_Liberties_Union_:_Womens_Rights . Just recently, on Sept. 25, 2009, a short post was written by Jessica_Valenti_|_Feminist_Author and Executive_Editor_of_Feministing noting Supreme_Court_Justice_Ruth_Bader_Ginsburg_had_been_admitted_to_the_hospital and then a quick update about Justice_Ginsburg_having_been_been_discharged_from_the_hospital and having gone “back to work the same day.” (Both posts at Feministing).
Justice Ginsburg is very much needed on the bench for the important cases in this upcoming term. The fundamentalist conservatives have been emboldened with the retirement of Justice Souter, and seem desperate to roll back women’s rights while the Courts are still heavily populated with Bush-era appointees. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg may be soft spoken, but it was she who founded the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project in 1972. There is more about the ACLU’s Women’s Rights Project at I do hope Justice Ginsburg is careful to recover fully and not over-do it. She is a bright shining star on the Supreme Court.


Internet Censorship Struck Down Time After Time

September 3rd, 2009

The fight against online censorship continues. Time after time internet censorship has been struck down as unconstitutional. Much praise and support for this seemingly endless battle is deserved by the American_Civil_Liberties_Union (ACLU) along with other anti-censorship organizations like The National_Coalition_Against_Censorship at and Feminists_For_Free_Expression
Here’s a bit of the background on the last decade or so of the repeated BAD FAITH attempts of authoritarian prudes and bigots to censor free expression including nudity despite the Supreme Court decisions noted below holding that the censorship violated the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. This will also be posted as a comment. Hopefully there will be more articles on this blog to follow. What will it take to get the “gatekeepers” to stop censoring us? Why can’t liberty be respected for its own sake? When is Congress going to pass some laws that put teeth in the Bill of Rights and support free expression instead of trying to chisel away at it or look the other way? Here are some of the articles and decisions which affirm the right of free expression (including nudity). So what have your experiences been with censorship?


SUPREME COURT Refuses To Revive Online Censorship Law  (01/21/2009) 
ACLU wins 10-Year Battle To Protect Free Speech   
ACLU v.Gonzales:  Joan Walsh of victorious, 2007  

FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: Ashcroft v. ACLU in 2004, United States v. Playboy Entertainment Group in 2000, RENO v. ACLU in 1997
Ashcroft, Attorney General v. American Civil Liberties Union et al. 
Certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit 
No. 03-218. Argued March 2,2004 - Decided June 29, 2004  
The Supreme Court held that the Third Circuit was correct to affirm the District Court’s ruling that enforcement of COPA should be enjoined because the statute likely violates the First Amendment.  
Ashcroft v. ACLU Amended Complaint For Declaratory and Injunctive Relief   
United States et al. v. Playboy Entertainment Group, Inc., (98-1682) 529 U.S. 803 (2000) 
30 F. Supp. 2d 702, affirmed 
Argued November 30, 1999-Decided May 22, 2000 
Appeal from the United States District Court for the District of Delaware    
The Supreme Court Ruled that the District Court did not err in holding the Telecommunications Act of 1996 violative of the First Amendment.                                            
Supreme Court Rules: Cyberspace Will be Free! ACLU Hails Victory in internet Censorship Challenge (06/26/1997)      
the Supreme Court ruled in Reno v. ACLU that the Federal Communications Decency Act is an unconstitutional restriction on free speech.      
Counsel for the plaintiffs: Ann Beeson, Esq., ACLU Associate Legal Director 
RENO, Attorney General of the United States, et al, v. American Civil Liberties Union et al. 
Appeal from the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania    
No. 96-511 Argued March 19, 1997 — Decided June 26, 1997  
929 F. Supp. 824, affirmed.                       
The Supreme Court Held that The Communications Decency Act’s “indecent transmission” and “patently offensive display” provisions abridge “the freedom of speech” protected by the First Amemndment. Pp. 17-40                                                                                                                                                                        

Feminist and Libertarian Authors, Thinkers, Doers, and Organizations

August 1st, 2009

Some Feminist and Libertarian Authors, Thinkers, Doers, and Organizations:
The following relatively small and far from complete list of feminist and civil libertarian authors, thinkers, doers and organizations below is being entered here both as a post and as a comment. A large proportion of them were mentioned in ‘Acknowledgments’ in the professor Nadine Strossen’s book entitled ‘Defending Pornography - Free Speech, Sex, and the Fight For Women’s Rights’. There are many other feminist pro-free expression writers many of whom I hoping. perhaps wistfully, to eventually read and to add links for on this site. Since I’m a slow reader, not have staff or do this for free, I can only hope the readers have patience. The following post, like MOST POSTS ON THIS SITE WILL MOST LIKELY CONTINUE TO BE EDITED OR ADDED TO in the future. I hope that doesn’t mess up people’s RSS feeds or bookmarks. If it does, I hope you’ll accept my apologies. To be posted in Women’s Views Wanted, comments and comments to ‘Must Read Books’

Varda Burstyn

Avadon Carol, Feminists Against Censorship

Angela Yvonne Davis

How Prosecutors Are Using Obscenity Laws To Stifle Dissent
by Marjorie Heins, executive director of the ACLU’s Arts Censorship Project
The article mentioned above is excellent and I would highly recommend reading it.

Nan Hunter
National Coalition Against Censorship

the late Leanne Katz was formerly the executive director of the
National Coalition Against Censorship

The NCAC works to educate its own members and the public at large about the dangers of censorship and how to oppose them. Its membership includes 50 non-profit corporations.

It was heartening to see the following quote featured prominently on the NCAC’s ‘Who We Are’ page: “they that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” - Benjamin Franklin
NCAC The Coalition

50 national not-for-profit organizations make up the National Coalition Against Censorship. Diverse organizations, representing the artistic, educational, religious, and labor communities join together in the interest of protecting First Amendment rights.

There are links to those 50 organizations on the web-page.
NCAC Art Law Library: Nudity
References to a few Supreme Court cases where attempts were made at censorship of nudity under the pretext of protect children or to avoid controversy.
Blogging Censorship
from the National Coalition Against Censorship
Wendy Kaminer
Sylvia Law

Thelma McCormack

Carlin Meyer, professor of law, New York Law School
Marcia Pally
president of Feminists_For_Free_Expression

Katha Pollitt

Ann Snitnow

Professor Nadine Strossen, Esquire Professor of Law at New York University and the author of ‘Defending Pornography - Free Speech, Sex, And The Fight For Women’s Rights’
This is a definitive work on the subject by the former president of the American Civil Liberties Union

Carol Vance

the late Ellen Willis founded the Feminist Anti-Censorship Taskforce

There Was a brief article about Ellen Willis written by Alix Kates Shulma on November 13th, 2006 in the Jewish Women’s Archive entitled: ‘We_Remember-Ellen_Willis,_1941-2006,‘ (July 27, 2009).


The Internet Free Speech Ruling Prudes Want Overturned

July 27th, 2009

On 06/26/1997 The Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS) ruled in Reno_v._ACLU, Case No. 96-511, that cyberspace will be free - the ACLU and free speech prevailed. A coalition of dogmatic authoritarian prudes have been trying to get the ruling overturned or its effects nullified ever since. For more information about that ruling see:


The Danger of Calling Rights Privileges

July 23rd, 2009

There is no right that some person could not claim is a privilege. Whether they claim it’s a privilege to drive, a privilege to speak, a privilege to see or be seen, a privilege to live, a privilege to have privacy or a privilege to publish a blog. A privilege by definition is a right granted only to a particular person or group of people. Starting down the road of deciding who may have what right or privilege one invites tyranny. This should be abundantly clear from the vigorous and often successful attempts to chill free expression and freedom of the press which occurred during the Presidential Administration of George W. Bush. While it is true that legislatures and courts have from time to time attempted to curtail, disparage or abridge these rights, one should not throw aside the principals of due and proper process or our fundamental and inalienable rights, the existance of which pre-dated our own federal constitution. There are problems with trying to draw a distinction between moral, legal, and Constitutional rights. Our Declaration of Independence, which did have flaws in failing to recognize the rights of women, slaves, and First Nation (”Indian”) Peoples, nonetheless pronounced clear common law and moral principals: That we were all endowed with certain UNALIENABLE rights. That AMONG THESE are LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Some of these, like the right to be free from ex post facto laws and the right of habeas-corpus (Article 1, Sections 9 and 10)  were considered important enough to put in the main body of the Constitution and be beyond the power of the Congress or the States to modify, whereas most of the remainder of the Constitution was subject to Amendment. Just because there are some right-wing wackos on the Court like Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia and Chief Justice Roberts who seems to me to have been only unfamiliar with the Constitutional Oath of Office, but dismissive of the Bill of Rights in general, that doesn’t mean we should ignore these fundamental principals. No one, including police officers or the President, is above the Constitution. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of our Land and the framework and foundation for all government in this Country. Government and laws derive validity only with and from the consent of the the people and only to the extent that they do not usurp anyone’s inalienable rights, whether enumerated or not.
Although the Constitution of the United States is a relatively short document few people take the time to read it much less study it. Please read it. It is the framework and context that all laws and government must be in compliance with.
I highly recommend starting with the Ninth, Tenth, and Fourteenth Amendments first for context. The full text of The_Constitution_of_the_United_States along with the initial Amendments and comments are posted here on this site at:


ACLU Challenges Unconstitutional Spying Law

July 22nd, 2009

The ACLU was scheduled to be to be in court today, Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009, challenging the unconstitutional FISA Amendments Act which George W. Bush signed into law a year ago. There are more details at:
The name of the case is Amnesty_v._McConnell. See

One of the plaintiffs is Naomi Klein of The Nation. A statement by her is at:

The ACLU has been involved in a great variety of cases. Most people don’t understand that it is the constitutional principals that the ACLU defends. The people whose rights need defending are often in the minority or unpopular, but if one group loses their rights, so do we all. We can not allow our rights be construed as privileges, because when that occurs tyranny inevitably follows.
These are just a few of the ‘ACLU 100 Greatest Hits’ Supreme Court Cases mentioned at:  

1952  Rochin v. California: Reversed a conviction and held that the police having a man’s stomach pumped for drugs “shocks the conscience”                       
1954  Brown v. Board of Education:  Separate is not equal                                  
1963 Gideon v. Wainwright:  The right to a lawyer                                                  
1964  New York Times v. Sullivan:  Free Press and the right to be wrong.           
1965 Griswold v. Connecticut:  Marital Privacy, contraception                               
1966  Miranda v. Arizona:  4th, 5th, and 6th Amendment rights                
1967 In Re Gault: Young persons have constitutional rights
1967 Loving v. Virginia: Court refers to the 14th Amendment Equal Protection clause and the “freedom to marry” and invalidates bans on interracial marriage          
1973  Frontiero v. Richardson:  Gender equality under the law


Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor

June 19th, 2009

Note: I just posted this opinion in a blog on anonymously. I’m curious to find out more. I’ve found the most recent string of Supreme Court decisions to be quite discouraging. Me, posting on the following blog:

“Unfortunately the current composition of the Supreme Court has resulted in a string of decisions that are hostile to even the most fundamental of enumerated rights and appear to be supportive of an authoritarian corporate ruled police-state. Whether it’s Justice Antonin Scalias specious contention that torture is not cruel or unusual punishment, Justice Clarence Thomas’s contention that it is OK to knock prisoner’s teeth out while they are in handcuffs (there was a New York Times editorial earlier in his career on the youngest cruelest justice), Justice Samuel Alito’s total disregard of the exclusionary rule and hostility to the most fundamental rights of privacy intended to be preserved with the 4th Amendment, or Justice Roberts’ specious argument that the 6th Amendment due process rights are best left to the States (contrary to the specificity in both the body of the Constitution and in the 14th Amendment that the enumerated individual rights in the Federal Constitution were the bare minimums which could not be denied by any State), it is apparent that even a centrist Supreme Court appointment would be better than allowing the current crew to keep piling on oppressive precedents. Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor is, it would seem, not an aggressive defender of the Bill of Rights, but I suspect she could at least both take and administer an oath of office “…to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States…” without flubbing it. I can only hope her appointment was not more of a compromise with totalitarians than we are already aware.
So what do you think?


Bigotry regarding sexual-orientation and marriage

June 3rd, 2009

There are many excuses people use for their own bigotry. If only it were just that people were bigoted. Unfortunately so many of them try persecute people they don’t like and take away their rights. The LGBT community has been the target of a lot of this lately. Fortunately the American Civil Liberties Union ( ACLU ), The National Organization for Women ( NOW,org/ ) have joined with many other groups to try to protect and appeal for the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, and other minorities from legal attacks like California’s Proposition 8 and similar legislation around the country.


The struggle for equal rights and privileges for women

June 3rd, 2009

Not all slavery ended when the thirteenth amendment was passed. First nation peoples (referred to as indians) continued to be used as slaves after the Emancipation Proclamation. Women still haven’t gotten the equal rights and privileges under the law promised by the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. When the simple straight-forward constitutional amendment was proposed specifying that women should get this equal treatment the requisite number of States failed to ratify it. That denial is the epitome of gender-bias at work. See the photo of the T-shirt below having the simple wording of the Equal Rights Amendment itself printed on it, and then ask yourself: How could anyone oppose that (the E.R.A.) unless they are biased? ERA-T-shirt-equal-rights-under-law-shall-not-be-denied-or-abridged-on-account-of-sex


“must-read” BOOKS

June 1st, 2009

These are “must read” books written by some brilliant women who delve deep into some of the most emotionally wrenching issues faced by women everywhere. Some different feminist perspectives on individual women’s struggles for equality and respect in a world where so many of us have been treated like children or second class citizens.

“Defending Pornography - Free Speech, Sex, and the Fight for Women’s Rights” by Professor Nadine Strossen, Esq.
Defending-Pornography-Free-Speech-Sex-and-the-Fight-for-Women's-Rights-by-Nadine-Strossen-front-cover “Defending Pornography - Free Speech, Sex, and the Fight for Women’s Rights” by Professor Nadine Strossen, Esq. - back cover. A Google book search indicates that a newer edition has been printed and is available from a number of booksellers. Defending-Pornography-Free-Speech-Sex-and-the-Fight-For-Women's-Rights-by-Nadine-Strossen-back-cover

“Chess Bitch - Women in the Ultimate Intellectual Sport”, by twice United States Women’s Chess Champion, Women’s Grandmaster, and the USCF’s Chess Life on-line Editor, WGM Jennifer Shahade. Amazing insights. A great read.
you can read WGM Jennifer Shahade’s blogs USCF’s Chess Life on line ( ) where she’s the on-line editor. Her brilliant, concise and illuminating blog there is at and her very interesting personal blog (especially for chess-players and other games-players) is at Jennifer_Shahade Chess-Bitch-Women-in-the-Ultimate-Intellectual-Sport-by-Jennifer-Shahade-back-cover

“Pregnant By Mistake - the stories of 17 women” by Katrina Maxtone-Graham (front cover) Pregnant-by-Mistake-the-stories-of-seventeen-women-by-Katrina-Maxtone-Graham-front-cover “Pregnant By Mistake - the stories of 17 women” by Katrina Maxtone-Graham (back cover) Pregnant-by-Mistake-by-Katrina-Maxtone-Graham-back-cover An Adopted Woman” by Katrina Maxtone-Graham - front cover” An-Adopted-Woman-by-Katrina-Maxtone-Graham-front-cover “An Adopted Woman” by Katrina Maxtone-Graham - back cover An-Adopted-Woman-by-Katrina-Maxtone-Graham-back-cover Birthmark by Lorraine Dusky (front cover). The wrenching experience and perspectives of a natural motherBirthmark-by-Lorraine-Dusky-front-cover Birthmark by Lorraine Dusky - back cover Birthmark-by-Lorraine-Dusky-back-cover The Search for Anna Fisher by Florence Fisher - the story of her search The-Search-for-Anna-Fisher-front-coverThe Search for Anna Fisher by Florence Fisher (back cover) The-Search-for-Anna-Fisher-back_cover

There are a number of “Must Read” BOOKS I’d like to add to this list, one of which was mentioned in a comment below: It’s entitled: “The Tyranny of the Majority by Lani Guinier. More info about that book may appear here in the future. Also of note are the three books on our financial mess by Nomi Prins. There is a link to her site on the right hand side somewhere by the other links.


Congress has been aiding and abetting the avaricious for decades

May 18th, 2009

The financial system has been going down hill for decades. The Senators and Representatives knew of it, knew they could do something about it but did not. The aided and abetted the few at the top whilst the poor became starving “wage slaves”. Please check out the following “Pages” for details on the subject: The_Causes_of_the_Financial_Meltdown-Aided_and_Abetted_by_the_Congress_for_Decades at and The_Looting_of_the_Banks-First_the_Savings_and_Loans,_Then_the_Commercial_Banks at



May 17th, 2009

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This post will be (hopefully) added to in the future to include some earlier experiences out in drag, a number of which were with some lesbians I like to think of as my friends and for whom I provided a source of amusement.

Halloween-in-full-drag_1982 Halloween_in_full_drag-1982 Halloween-in-full-drag_1982
I enjoyed this Halloween in lipstick and lingerie even though I hadn’t planned on going an ordinary bar. I’d been headed for a costume party when my car broke down and I had leave the car to be repaired and start making my way home in full drag wearing an Ava Gabor wig, black vinyl high-heeled boots from Tall Town, clip-on earrings, bracelet, necklace and matching black handbag full of makeup including Almay liquid foundation makeup, Stagelight and Revlon eye shadows, L’Oreal lipstick, either Mabelline or CoverGirl mascara and eye liner.
Underneath the red dressy frilly pleated front red blouse and black elastic waist black skirt with black nylon slip I was wearing some very feminine lingerie. I was wearing a red garterbelt from Frederick’s of Hollywood, a black waist-cincher, a black Maidenform long-line bra, black fishnet stockings, and Vanity Fair powder blue see-through full brief women’s nylon panties.
My lingerie wasn’t visible when this photo was taken on Halloween, 1982, but it had been earlier. I was back at the bar with 3 out of 4 of the hysterically laughing women who had been present in the ladies room earlier for the aftermath of my having my slip was outside my skirt. While in the ladies room stall, I had deliberately pulled my skirt up first and then the slip over it. I waited until 4 women had entered the ladies room and were talking by the lavatory sinks and mirror to come out, and then “discovered” that I had my slip outside my skirt. I acted flustered and had to lower both slip and skirt to correct the situation. Naturally I got my waist-cincher, garter-belt, panties and long-line bra out of kilter and had to adjust them too before re-raising the slip and skirt, all of which took me a while with my panties showing to get everything adjusted right. The women burst out in uncontrollable loud laughter. Two of the women were barmaids who posed for this photo afterwards, standing behind both me and one of the other women who’d been in the ladies room for the show. The woman seated at the bar next to me gave me a ride home. I stripped down to my lingerie during the ride, accidentally losing the padding from behind one of my falsies in her car. She declined my offer to come in but stayed to watch me carrying the rest of my outfit as I pranced across the lawn in just my powder blue nylon panties, long line bra, waist-cincher, garter-belt, fishnet stockings and high heeled boots to get to my home’s front door.

Halloween-in-full-drag-1984-85_1 The full brief women’s underwear I was wearing under this outfit had a pastel turquoise color and were very similar to the powder blue vintage pair of Vanity Fair nylon full brief panties I had worn underneath the same outfit in 1982, 1983 and 1984. The closest modern versions of those panties are Vanity Fair style 15712 Ravissant tailored nylon briefs and Vanity Fair style 13001 Lace Nouveau full brief nylon panties with lace insets. Update note: You can see me male-modeling and reviewing the recent version of these briefs in a YouTube video titled “PICT_Male-Models-Vanity_Fair-Azure_Mist-Full-Brief-Panties-6.AVI” I wore this outfit in 1983 and 1984 as well. I’d purchased opera gloves that matched my blouse, the L’Oreal British Redcoat nail polish and lipstick. The brighter shade of blue eyeshadow (I used three colors) was by Stagelight. The liquid base makeup was by Almay, the pressed powder compact, eyeliner and mascara were by CoverGirl although I think I’d used Mabelline in 1982. Early in the evening on Halloween in 1983 in the middle of a bar-room that was as of that time still devoid of patrons I lifted my skirt to show the backside of my powder blue Vanity Fair panties to two bar-maids. When a third bar-maid came by the others wanted me to show her the lingerie too (pantied backside and garter-belt). Down came the elastic-waisted skirt. One of the women suggested that I should attend a bigger Halloween party later at another nearby bar which traditionally had big Halloween parties and suggested that I could do a strip on the piano there. They were great! At the other bar’s Halloween party I “panty-mooned” three women sitting near the piano who laughed and stared. One of them said “we’d like to see the front better!” In subsequent years she teased me when I ran into her, and asked: “What color panties are you wearing today?” I always told her. She knew I wore ladies panties most of the time year round and knew about me having the nickname “Panty Buns” which I’d had since around 1980. I returned to the first bar later that night. As always, I adjusted my waist-cincher, long line bra, panties and garter belt in the bar’s ladies room with an audience. On almost every Halloween and on some New Year’s Eve’s when I was out in drag I managed to find attentive female audiences for my lingerie and panty adjustments in one or more of the ladies rooms in the bars and clubs I visited.

Halloween-in-full-drag-1984-85_2 Halloween-in-full-drag-1984-85_2
Halloween-in-drag-1984-85_2 The women’s underwear worn underneath this outfit: a sheer full brief panty by Vanity Fair like in previous years. The Vanity Fair Style 13001 brand ladies nylon panty is similar to Vanity Fair Style 15712 full brief panties ( I love wearing women’s nylon undies), Ava Gabor wig, the vinyl high heeled boots from Tall Town. L’Oreal nail polish, Revlon lipstick, the opera gloves and the blouse. Frederick’s of Hollywood garter-belt, fishnet stockings, falsies, waist cincher, Maidenform long-line bra and Danskin skirt. To me, the most important part of the outfit is the women’s nylon full brief panty by Vanity Fair. Vanity fair, Maidenform, Kayser, Van Raalte and Vassarette all made classic women’s underwear. I loved trying on and buying the pieces of these outfits back in the 1980’s especially when I got needed assistance in the dressing rooms getting back buttoning blouses buttoned up after trying on skirts and taking them back off so that my Vanity Fair brand ladies nylon panties were on display. The wig was by Ava Gabor, the boots were from Tall Town. Revlon “Cherries in the Snow matching lipstick and nail polish, Revlon “Love That Red” matching lipstick and nail polish, and the bright red L’oreal British Redcoat lipstick and nail polish all went well with the opera gloves and the blouse I wore on Halloween in the years 1982 through 1985. The fishnet stockings, garter-belt and falsies were from Frederick’s of Hollywood. I tried on the waist cincher and long-line bra in the Danskin store where I bought them and the pink wrap-around skater’s skirt which I still haven’t worn out to anyplace (at least not yet anyway).

The full brief panties are clearly visible through the Hanky-Panky petticoat I wore in this photo. They were blue nylon women’s full brief underpants by Vanity Fair. In 1986 I also wore the blue Vanity Fair women’s panties. The ladies panties were somewhat sheer nylon full briefs and the red garter-belt showed even more clearly through the sheer petticoat than did the nylon women’s undies worn with this outfit.The black Maidenform long-line bra and waist cincher were also very visible under the see-through Hanky-Panky lace blouse and with the ladies panties, red Frederick’s garter-belt and another frilly garter made up the women’s lingerie. I visited three different bars during the course of the evening on Halloween of 1986 and won a first prize for best costume at the first bar with this outfit. One woman gave me a brief feel on my backside. I gently guided her hand back onto my bottom and was in heaven for an extended period as she continued feeling and rubbing me gently there for quite a while as I was bent over at the bar kneeling on a barstool. I later danced with a woman who was dressed as a guy with a huge strap-on protruding out of her fly. I wish I had copies of the photos the bar owner took as I was bent over shaking my backside during the dance while my dance partner was pretending to put her strap-on to good use. Maybe that’s what won me the first prize. Another woman, in a cat costume showed me HER black panties and then asked whether I was into humiliation. She said she had a girlfriend who was into humiliating guys and would be willing to leave me stranded at a distant highway rest stop in just my panties. I chickened out at the time but ever since I’ve had fantasies about being stranded in just a blouse and panties or even securely tied or locked in place in some place far from home where lots of adult women would see me and photos might make the news. Just before I left the bar I was approached by three women, one of whom hooked her fingers under my garter-belt and felt my lingerie. They asked me to please stay. I kind of wished I had later, but then again who knows how life would have turned out?

Halloween-in-full-drag-1986_87_2 Halloween-in-full-drag-1986-1987_2
Halloween-in-full-drag-1987-1987_2 Preparing to go out to the bars in my Hanky Panky cap sleeve white lace top, red opera gloves, knee high high black vinyl high heeled boots, sheer petticoat, and an apron to provide some coverage in the front. The powder blue Vanity Fair full brief nylon panties, Frederick’s red garterbelt, black stockings showed clearly through the petticoat and provided a good view from the rear of the assorted lingerie. With my lingerie so visible through my sheer black Hanky Panky petticoat going out in public and to the bars took some courage. At one bar a woman said “You’re really brave”. While buying the various parts of the outfit I had thoroughly enjoyed trying on the black lace babydoll, cap sleeve lace top, pink, black and red lace panties, and bought a cat-o’nine tails from among the toys they sold while having fantasies of women using it on my backside. At the first bar I visited on on Halloween of 1986? I’d grabbed the barstool next to an attractive woman and quickly got into my usual pose…. kneeling on the bar-stool, bent over with my elbows on the bar. Soon the woman next to me gave my behind a few firm squeezes and a goose and said” “Hey, sweetie! I like your underwear! I flushed with embarrassment briefly but it’s a still a turn on when a woman enjoy feeling power over a man who is vulnerable, embarrassed and starting to squirm, knowing she’s the one in control. A couple of other women tried to be inconspicuous and casual as they slowly walked by to get a look and then back again. I heard one woman whisper to another: “He’s wearing a red garter belt!”. I swiveled on the stool to ask the woman tending bar if she could see my panties. When she answered “No.” I lowered the petticoat and then asked her again. After that bar closed we all went to another establishment that still had a big Halloween party going on. While buying the various parts of the outfit I had thoroughly enjoyed trying on the black lace babydoll, cap sleeve lace top, pink, black and red lace panties, cat-o’nine tails (hoping some woman might give me a good spanking) and two pairs, one black and one white of very fluffy ruffled and very sheer Hanky Panky petticoats. The saleswoman was very accommodating and put up with me coming out of the dressing rooms to model each of my purchases. I loved trying on and modeling all the lingerie.

Halloween-in-full-drag_1988 Halloween-1988-in-full-drag Halloween, 1988 was my first Halloween sober, but I still went out to a local bar to show off. Those are fuchsia Vanity Fair brand Ravissant full brief nylon panties, and a black garter-belt showing clearly through my Hanky Panky white tiered sheer petticoat. As usual I wore the Ava Gabor wig, red opera gloves, black vinyl high heeled boots, and back seamed black nylon stockings. The Hanky Panky sheer white cap sleeve lace top revealed my black waist-cincher and black long line bra. I had a perception, whether real or imagined, that a few of the men were disapproving or hostile,but almost without exception women definitely loved to look and would stare for periods of time checking out the details of the lingerie I was wearing, especially if they thought I didn’t notice. A group of three women gathered behind me to stare and whispered to each other for half an hour or so checking out the fuchsia Vanity Fair brand Ravissant full brief nylon panties and black garter-belt under my petticoat. While I was trying and buying the White Hanky Panky brand petticoat I came out of the dressing room to model it and again in panties to model a blouse or two. I had a copy of this photo framed and they let me hang it on the wall in the bowling alley where I bowled in a mixed league. One of the things I liked about going out in drag is that women seem to get much more aggressive with a guy when they see that he is very vulnerable and are more prone to putting their hands on him wherever they want to see how it feels. Have you ever noticed how in today’s sexist society men disparage women for being promiscuous by calling them sluts, while hypocritically bragging of their own conquests? I have ask myself: “Am I being a slut?”

Halloween-in-full-drag-1989_1Halloween-in-full-drag_1989_1 Halloween 1989 was yet another one where I managed to get up the nerve to humiliate myself by going out to a local bar for a Halloween party wearing black Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau style 13001 full brief nylon panties with lace insets along with black back seamed fishnet nylon stockings and extra garter showing clearly under an extremely sheer Hanky Panky brand petticoat, a sheer white Hanky Panky cap sleeve lace top revealing the black waist-cincher and long line bra, an Ava Gabor wig, white apron, black vinyl boots and a black purse absolutely crammed with makeup. This was the first of the Polaroid photos I took of myself after another sober night out at a bar drinking straight cranberry juice. The woman tending bar and her sister both went had fits of loud, raucous hysterical laughter. I won 2nd prize for best costume that night only because they said it wouldn’t be right to give me first prize for a second time. I heard one of the local guys was quite mortified to find out I was a guy because he was attracted to me. He told me I should be ashamed of myself for going out dressed like that. On one previous halloween I’d had a mishap while rummaging through my purse looking for the right lipstick to do a touch up. A bottle of red nail nail polish broke in the purse. What a mess! The smell was overpowering. I wound up getting a new purse, which unfortunately was smaller, after I made the mistake of putting mothballs in with my luggage. It was during a trip out to California to co-star (on the receiving end) in a professionally made spanking movie in which I received a 100 percent real and severe spanking from two gorgeous women. The director was also a famous star in that genre. Mothball are bad for vinyl and elastic. I had bought bit of new new makeup (which I needed anyway) for the subsequent years, but hung on to the old one complete with my old makeup collection.

Halloween-in-full-drag_1989_2Halloween-in-full-drag_1989_2 On Halloween of 1989 underneath the cap sleeve lace top and the flimsy flouncy sheer petticoat of this outfit I was wearing a black long-line bra and waist cincher with red satin garterbelt, black fishnet stockings extra garter, and lace trim women’s full brief black nylon panties make up the lingerie. I was wearing the usual Ava Gabor wig, Tall Town patent leather boots, red opera gloves, clip on earrings, bracelet, necklace, and had a handbag absolutely full of makeup. It was the second time I’d gone to an Halloween party where I’d danced with a woman who was costumed as a guy. She said she had a really big dildo at home. I wondered whether she really did or was just teasing and playing with me. Naturally I took advantage of her apparent interest to let her have an unfettered view of the backside of my panties by lifting my petticoat. The bar had a set of stairs with an open railing that I leaned back on. An unusual number of people were staring for a while I looked down to see my apron on the floor. Someone on the stairs behind me had gently untied it so that everyone could see the front view. One of my Halloween’s out dressed like a woman grabbed and squeezed my bicep and let me know she found the man’s body under all that feminine attire attractive. I’ve never had women be so aggressive when dressed as a guy. “I like your slip”, said a laughing woman as she left the bar later that evening.

Halloween-in-full-drag_1989_3Halloween-in-full-drag_1989_3 Presenting a frequently seen pose when I was out and about in drag and all to often inviting women to give me a sound spanking. If you look closely you can tell that these were a vintage pair of Vanity Fair full brief nylon panties. The curved rear seam of the more generous gusset did cause a panty line (which I liked) it also provided more protection and a fantastic fit. The quite sheer Dupont Diaphanique fabric of the vintage style 13001 was not nearly as sheer as the wonderful sheer full briefs style 1004 by Nancy King Lingerie which are sold at Lingerie Outlet Though the nylon mesh is very sheer and the gusset more generous (curved rear seam), though not quite as generous as the Wise Buys nylon full brief panties sold at Maidenform , I haven’t yet found a panty that matches the luxurious silky softness and comfortable supportive fit without ride-up of Vanity Fair’s Perfectly Yours Ravissant style 15712 full brief nylon panties. which are available at HerRoom , JCPenney , ShopNational , Sears , and Macy’s . Vanity Fair’s modern style 13001 Lace Nouveau full brief nylon panties with their triangular lace insets are a little bit sheer, soft and pretty but not quite as full cut or nearly as sheer as the vintage style 13001 briefs they replaced which were made with Dupont’s Diaphanique - in my opinion the ultimate nylon fabric for women’s panties. Unfortunately the more vibrant feminine colors are extremely hard to find recently. They used to just fly off the racks. I wonder when the manufactures will become aware of the demand and make them again? You can tell by the curved rear seam of the gusset that those are classic Vanity Fair Panties under my sheer Hanky-Panky petticoat. My long line Maidenform bra, waist cincher from Danskin, and Frederick’s Red-trimmed garter-belt got a fair amount of attention out in the bars.. but I’d gotten sober and didn’t go home with anyone. My high heeled boots were from Tall Town. Just a reminder.. this blog is for ADULT WOMEN ONLY, please?


The joy of shopping for makeup and cosmetics today

May 16th, 2009

What with all the different Cosmetics companies and the wide array of fine products out there today it can be a little overwhelming looking at all those lovely colors, thinking which shades would go well with which outfits. One could check out the big fancy makeup kits in the stores, all the fine brushes, lipsticks, liquid base foundation, pressed powder compacts, different mascaras (extending, thickening, separating, curling, waterproof, etc.) eyeliners, nail polish and more. Or one could jump back and forth between the on line retailers but depending on the item, sometimes it’s convenient to shop at one of the big department stores like J C Penney, Sears, or Macy’s. How do you decide on which makeup to buy while you’re perusing the makeup at the stores? Have you checked out makeup at all of these sites? there’s aome nice makeup available today sold at some of these sites. It would be fun to try them all and have a good system for picking colors that not only go well with each other, but match the outfit(s) for the next time I feel like getting all dolled up. I’m afraid there will be a lot of shopping in front of me and I’m feeling a little dizzied with all that’s out there at various sites like , http://www.l’ , (I haven’t verified this URL, only browsed it on the net) (zit stick), , ,but there are advantages to shopping for cosmetics in person, whether at a pharmacy,or perusing the selections in some some of the bigger department stores . Is there still that friendly service with wider selection and occasionally possibility of getting pampered with a test session? I don’t remember whether it cost anything for the professional makeup job I got once at a counter. They had comfy chairs. The spritzes of perfume as I was walking by were free, the perfume saleswoman enjoyed it and so did I. There are just so many places to shop for makeup. Including the remaining big department stores such as links through and so many more. Have you ever gotten a free makeup session? How do you choose your makeup? I seemed to always start with my blouse and panties and then try to find shades that went well or at least didn’t clash. That’s why, most likely I didn’t wear the L’Oreal British Redcoat lipstick and nailpolish while my Vanity Fair Ravissant “Fuchsia Shock” nylon panties were so visible through my Hanky Panky semi-sheer petticoat. The bright red and the fuchsia probably would have clashed. Come to think of it my Opera Gloves probably clashed with my panties anyway that night in 1988. So how do YOU go about shopping for makeup with such a wide selection out there today? At the risk (potentially but hopefully not) of getting deluged with comments from manufacturer’s representatives or proxies, let me ask: Which in-store-or on line stores and which brands of what makeup and makeup related products do you like most and why?


Women are genetically superior to men (for adult women)

May 16th, 2009

Men are disgusting pigs and are genetically, mentally, and emotionally inferior to women. The “Y” chromosome is defective. Cognition of this fact should occur with the most rudimentary examination of hereditary disorders and diseases. Genes which are recessive, such as the one for sickle-cell anemia, the gene for color blindness, and on and on ad infinitum manifest themselves in men whereas while women carry the recessive trait it does not manifest due to the second “X” chromosome. The “X” chromosome is superior to the “Y” chromosome.

This becomes even more apparent when examining the psychological “cave man” syndrome (ugh). Males try to pass off this primal, belligerent, and often obstreperous behavior as being “macho”. In reality it’s just stupid. Take me for example. At least I recognize that I’m a member of the inferior gender, but I still have the typical male problem of thinking with the wrong head. That means, of course, that my decisions in life are made with a fraction of my intelligence and intellectual capacity as my brain is divided between the two heads. Introspective cogitation is generally not in their repertoire. At least I realize there’s good reason for the punishment I both deserve and ask for from women. Most men think with the wrong head and have too much ego to recognize their deficiencies. Women, on the other hand, unfortunately, have been subjected to societal brainwashing and male bullying for eons. They all too often submit to the wishes of these selfish brutal males who promote, start and glorify wars. Without women’s practicality and relatively clear thinking males would probably manage to extinct our species and several others along with it.

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DISCLAIMER - for Adult Women Only - (no minors or males, please)

May 16th, 2009

By entering this site and or viewing and or downloading this material you agree to bear full responsibility for determining if this material is in conformity with applicable laws for your locale. You agree to hold the persons and or things involved in creating or hosting this site harmless against any and all claims or actions resulting from your viewing, visiting, use or downloading anything from or on this site, indemnify them against any liability resulting therefrom, and will not distribute it to minors. You recognize that the content on this site constitutes free speech and expression protected under the Ninth, Fourteenth, and First Amendments to the Constitution of the United States. This site is not commercial, is not a business, does not sell any service or product or anything at all, does not receive or solicit any compensation. All PHOTOS OF ME IN MY LADIES PANTIES (male modeled, back view) and any related text are FREE and have been released into the public domain. Please copy, share, re-post, and re-publish them for adult women everywhere. The rights to some Halloweens-in-full-drag-photos and some non-panty related text are reserved but may be used under the creative commons thing-a-ma-bob (fair use). Permissions with respect to any products such as MAKEUP or BOOKS etc. reside with their respective authors. All endorsements, recommendations and links are supplied for informational, educational, editorial, free expression and or entertainment purposes. Please share this site’s URL, feel free to make non-spam comments, and see if you can figure out how to make me world famous in my nylon women’s undies-modeled-back_view! Have you heard the expression be careful what you ask for? Well I’m begging for it and taunting you. I beg and dare you to make me world famous in my ladies panties complete with relentless saturation media coverage. Do you think you are smart enough to make it happen? Are you too chicken to do it? I’m double daring you!
I encourage all women to check out the photos of me, Panty Buns, male-modeling women’s underwear (full-briefs back-view) and to leave comments, questions and suggestions.

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Do you think it’s OK for guys to model ladies panties (back-view)?

May 15th, 2009

How much gender-bias do you think there is with respect to attitudes about a male-modeling ladies panties in comparison to when women model underwear? Had you ever heard of or known about a man wearing ladies panties before?

Photo of man modeling Dixie Belle lace trimmed full brief nylon panties, back view

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What do you think of a guy modeling panties back view?

May 15th, 2009

Have you seen men wearing panties before? What were your thoughts? Please check out some of the photos of me, Panty Buns, modeling women’s underwear (full-briefs back-view) which are all released into the public domain. What do you think of me male-modeling ladies panties? If you’ve checked the “panty photos” out, I’d love to read your thoughts, comments, suggestions and questions (adult women only, please).

Photo of me male modeling Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau style 13001 Azure Mist nylon full brief panties, back view:


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What do you look for in a panty?

May 15th, 2009

What qualities do you look for in full brief women’s underwear? The comfort of the particular full-brief ladies nylon panties? The fit of full-brief women’s-nylon-underpants? The sexiness of a sheer-nylon-panty? if there is lace trim in or on the ladies-briefs, whether it is inset or not? The stitching of the seams of the women’s briefs? The pattern and cut and size of the gusset of the women’s-undies? The feel of the nylon or silk fabric of the ladies-panty? Out of the following brands, which do you prefer? Dixie_Belle, Maidenform, Vanity Fair, Nancy King, WinterSilks, LandsEnd, other? Would you consider making comments about the qualities you see or like about each of these pairs brands and styles pictured in the free photos of various pairs of ladies panties male modeled, back view on this site at or being male-modeled in the videos uploaded to YouTube on Mister Panty Bun’s Channel?

Male Models Vanity Fair Rose Pink Full Brief Panties - YouTube



May 15th, 2009

Panty-Photos Panties-Modeled-Back-View
due to the constant requests I decided to post thumbnail sized panty-photos here in the panties-modeled-back_view category instead of just on the page at http://www.sissypantybuns,com/wordpress/?page_id=56 starting with just a couple and adding the rest in later. Since the posts seem to be a little independent of each other I’m sorry for having to bore you with the disclaimer again: DISCLAIMER - intended for Adult Women - (no minors or males, please) By entering this site and or viewing and or downloading this material you verify that you are over the age of 18 and bear full responsibility for determining if this material is in conformity with applicable laws for your locale. You agree to hold the persons and or things involved in creating or hosting this site harmless against any and all claims or actions resulting from your viewing, visiting, use or downloading anything from or on this site, indemnify them against any liability resulting therefrom. You recognize that the content on this site constitutes free speech and expression protected under the Ninth, Fourteenth, and First Amendments to the Constitution of the United States. This site is not commercial, is not a business, does not sell any service or product or anything at all, does not receive or solicit any compensation. Any PHOTOS OF PANTIES-MODELED and accompanying text ARE FREE and have all been RELEASED into the public domain intended for viewing by mature ADULT WOMEN (all others please view somewhere else). All endorsements, recommendations and links are supplied for informational, educational, editorial, free expression and or entertainment purposes without compensation or any desire for it. Feel free to comment and share this site URL, your comments and see if you can figure out how to make me world famous in my nylon women’s undies-modeled-back_view! Have you heard the expression be careful what you ask for? Well I’m begging for it and taunting you: I dare you help make me world famous in my panties complete with relentless saturation media coverage. Maybe you’re not smart enough or too chicken to do it? Double dare! Here are some thumbnail size panty-photos. Some can be clicked on to enlarge. I, Panty Buns, am pleading to adult women: I beg you and dare you to share these with other consenting adult women everywhere.

The first group of panty-photos of me, “Panty Buns”, is in a Style&Co aqua floral-print short-flutter-sleeve ruffled-crepe tiered-blouse and a pair of Memoir_Rose-pink-style_13001 Vanity_Fair Lace_Nouveau lace_inset nylon-full-brief-ladies-panties-modeled-back_view.For more detailed information about this particular pair of Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau Full Briefs you can CLICK HERE to watch a short video clip of me male-modeling these rose pink nylon panties (back view).


Panty-photos of Panty Buns wearing an a.n.a. Peplum Electric Pink tie-front crepe-puff_sleeve blouse with Azure_Mist-style_13001 Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau lace inset full-brief-ladies-nylon-panties-modeled-back_view
pink_floral-crepe-puff_sleeve-blouse-Azure_Mist-style_13001-Vanity_Fair-lace_inset-pantypanty-photo-Azure_Mist-Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau lace inset full-brief-ladies-nylon-panties-modeled-back_view  panty-photo-Panty-Buns-Azure-Vanity-Fair-nylon-lace-inset-full-briefs-modeled-back-viewpanty_photo-Panty_Buns-puff_sleeve_top-Azure_Mist-Lace_Nouveau-ladies-panties-modeledpanty-photo-Azure_Mist-Vanity_Fair-style_13001-full-brief-ladies-nylon-panties-modeled  panty-photo-Azure_Mist-Vanity_Fair-lace-inset-full-brief-women's-nylon-panty-modeledpanty-photo-pink_floral_top-Vanity_Fair_style_13001-full-brief-ladies-nylon-undies-modeledpanty-photo-aqua-Vanity_Fair-Lace_Nouveau-women's-full_brief-nylon-panties-modeledpanty-photo-Azure_Mist-Vanity_Fair-nylon-full-brief-ladies-panties-male_modeled

free-panty-photos Panty-Buns in a Spencer_Jeremy-yellow-floral-pleated-neck-flutter-sleeve-crepe-blouse and Vanity_Fair-Perfectly_Yours-Lace_Nouveau black-nylon-full_brief-ladies-panties-modeled-back_view
yellow-floral-short-sleeve-crepe-top-Vanity_Fair-Lace_Nouveau black-nylon-ladies- pantiespanty-photo-Panty-Buns-black-Vanity_Fair-lace-inset-full_brief-panties-modeled-back-viewpanty-photo-Panty_Buns-male_modeling-Vanity_Fair-Lace_Nouveau-black_nylon_pantiespanty-photo-Panty-Buns-Vanity_Fair-style_13001-black-nylon-panties-modeled-back-viewpanty-photo-Panty-Buns-black-nylon-Lace_Nouveau-full_brief-panties-modeled-back-viewpanty-photo-Panty-Buns-full_brief-lace_inset-black-Vanity_Fair-panties-modeled-back-viewpanty-photo-Panty-Buns-black-nylon-lace_inset-full_brief-ladies-panties-modeled-back-viewpanty-photo-Panty-Buns-black-Vanity_Fair-lace_inset-ladies-panties-modeled-back-viewpanty-photo-Panty-Buns-Lace_Nouveau-black-nylon-full_brief-panties-modeled-back-viewpanty-photo-Panty-Buns-Lace_Nouveau-full_brief-ladies-black-panties-modeled-back-viewpanty-photo-Panty-Buns-lace_inset-ladies-full_brief-black-nylon-panties-modeled-back-viewpanty-photo-Panty-Buns-VF-style-13001-full_brief-black-nylon-panties-modeled-back-view


Panty-Photos Panties-Modeled-Back-View
pink-frilly-cap-sleeve-ruffled-nylon-babydoll-Azure_Mist-Vanity_Fair-Lace-Nouveau-full-brief-womens-nylon-underwearpanty-photo-pink_ruffled_babydoll-aqua-Vanity_Fair-lace-inset-panties-(back_view)Panty-Photo Pink-Frilly-Cap-Sleeve-Ruffled-Nylon-Babydoll-Azure_Mist-Vanity_Fair-Lace-Nouveau-Full-Brief-Ladies-Nylon-Panties-Modeled-Back-View











Panty-Photo-Kimono_Red-Flexees_Shapewear-Camisole-Maidenform-Sea_Foam_Green-Lace_Waist-Full-Brief-Ladies-Nylon-Panties-With-TagsPanty-Photo-Panty-Buns-in-Flexees-Microfiber-and-Lace-Camisole-Maidenform_Wise_Buys-Full_Brief-Ladies_Nylon_Panties-Modeled-Back-ViewPanty-Photo-Kimono_Red-Flexees_Camisole-Maidenform-Lace-Waist-Nylon-Full_Brief-Panties-Modeled-by Panty-Buns-Back-ViewPanty-Photo-Style_3366_KMR-Flexees-Camisole-Style_98_PB-Maidenform-Nylon-Panties-Male_Modeled-by-Panty-Buns-Back-ViewPanty-Photo-Panty-Buns-Male_Modeling-Flexees-Microfiber_And_Lace-Camisole-Maidenform-Nylon-Full_Brief-Panties-Back-ViewPanty-Photo-Flexees-Shapewear-Camisole-Maidenform-Lace_Waist-Full_Brief-Ladies-Nylon-Panties-Modeled-by-Panty-Buns-Back-ViewPanty-Photo-Panty-Buns-in-Flexees-Everyday_Control-Camisole-Sea_Foam_Green-Maidenform-Wise_Buys-Lace_Waist-Full_Brief-Women's-Nylon-Panties-Modeled-Back-ViewPanty-Photo-Flexees-Microfiber-and-Lace-Camisole-Sea_Foam_Green-MaidenForm-Lace_Waist-Full_Brief-Ladies-Nylon-Panties-Modeled-by-Panty-Buns-Back-View




Panty-Photo-Pink-Nylon-Cap-Sleeve-Ruffled-Babydoll-Lace-Inset-Full_Brief-Deep-Pink-Ladies-Nylon-PantiesPanty-Photo-Panty Buns-wearing-Frilly-Ruffled-Cap_Sleeve-Nightie-Memoir_Rose-Vanity_Fair-Lace-Nouveau-Full_Brief-Nylon-Women's-Undies-Backside-ModeledFree-Panty-Photo-Panty-Buns-in-Ruffled-Cap_Sleeve-Babydoll-Vanity_Fair-Lace-Nouveau-Deep-Rose-Pink-Full-Brief-Ladies-Nylon-Panties-Modeled-Back-ViewPanty-Photo-Panty-Buns-Wearing-Pastel-Pink-Cap_Sleeve-Ruffled-Nylon-Babydoll-Vanity_Fair-Hot-Rose-Pink-Full_Brief-Ladies-Nylon-Panties-Modeled-Back-ViewPanty-Photo-Frilly-Pastel-Pink-Nylon-Nightie-Vanity_Fair-Style_13001-Rose-Pink-Nylon-Full-Brief-Ladies-Panties-Modeled-by-Panty-Buns-Back-ViewFree-Panty-Photo-Panty-Buns-in-Cap_Sleeve-Ruffled-Nylon-Babydoll-Vanity_Fair-Lace-Inset-Full-Brief-Deep-Rose-Pink-Ladies-Nylon-Panties-Modeled-Back-View


Free-Panty-Photo-Pastel-Pink-Ruffled-Babydoll-Touch_Me_Natural_Massaging-Wooden-Bath-Brush-Vanity_Fair-Memoir_Rose-Deep_Pink-Ladies-Nylon-Full_Brief-Undies-Modeled-by-Panty-Buns-Back-ViewFree_Panty_Photo-Pink_Nylon-Cap_Sleeve-Ruffled-Babydoll-Wooden-Bath-Brush-Memoir_Rose-Vanity_Fair-Deep_Pink-Nylon-Full_Brief-Ladies_Panties-Male_Modeled-by-Panty_Buns-Back_ViewFree-Panty-Photo-Panty-Buns-in-Ruffled-Cap_Sleeve-Pink-Nylon-Babydoll-With-Yellow-Plastic-Bathbrush-Wearing-Style_13001-Deep_Pink-Full_Brief-Women's-Nylon-Panties-Modeled-Back-ViewFree-Panty-Photo-Pastel-Pink-Nylon-Ruffled-Cap_Sleeve-Babydoll-Yellow-Plastic-Bath_Brush-Vanity_Fair-Lace_Nouveau-Full_Brief-Ladies-Rose-Pink-Nylon-Panties-Modeled-By-Panty-Buns-Back-ViewFree-Panty-Photo-Nylon-Ruffled-Cap_Sleeve-Babydoll-Blue-Plastic-Bathbrush-Vanity_Fair-Style_13001-Lace_Nouveau-Memoir-Rose-Full_Brief-Ladies-Nylon-Panties-Modeled-by-Panty-Buns-Back-ViewVanity Fair Lace Nouveau Rose Pink Full Brief Nylon Panties Male Modeled Back View

All the photos are free of any copyright restrictions and are authorized to be published copied and shared. MODEL RELEASE AND DARE:
     I, Panty Buns, also known as Mister Panty, hereby irrevocably RELEASE ALL THE PANTY PHOTOS of myself in my full brief ladies panties modeled back view to be copied, shared, re-published and viewed by and for all adult women on the planet. I further declare and confirm that all of these free panty photos and videos of myself posted at or as attachments to the web-pages having PANTY PHOTOS of me at in my Ladies_Full_Briefs-Panties_Modeled-Back_View , at in my panties-modeled-back-view including attachments and comments as well as the VIDEO CLIPS of me male-modeling full brief panties at and on my Youtube channel at , are not subject to copyright and are in the public domain. This constitutes a permanent irrevocable release, authorization, plea and I DOUBLE DARE ALL ADULT WOMEN to COPY, SHARE, AND MAKE PUBLIC the FREE PANTY PHOTOS of me at those web-pages and to attempt to cause the maximum possible relentless saturation media coverage IN MY LADIES FULL BRIEF PANTIES MODELED BACK VIEW and to get my PANTY PHOTOS POSTED AND PUBLISHED in so many places that adult women will see them almost everywhere they look including internet, the ladies rooms in bars, magazines, newspapers, television. I think it will serve me right if I’m made so famous that all women everywhere on earth are talking about me and my panties, laughing at me. and have seen me in my panties often enough to recognize me on the street, yell out their comments and thoughts and ask me embarrassing questions.

More Free-Panty-Photos-Ladies-Full-Briefs-Male-Modeled-Back-View

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Free Panty Photo: Panty Buns Holding Out a Blue Plastic Bathbrush in his Frilly Pastel Pink Nylon Cap Sleeve Ruffled Babydoll and Memoir Rose Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau Lace Inset Full Brief Deep Pink Ladies Nylon Panties (Back View)

May 15th, 2009

Please copy, share and publish this free panty photo of me male-modeling Vanity Fair Memoir Rose pink nylon full brief panties. It is released into the public domain.


There are comments on this photo of me in my pink nylon panties at and a short video of me male-modeling this babydoll and pair of nylon full briefs (click here to view on YouTube). There are more uploaded videos of me male-modeling and reviewing full brief panties on my YouTube Channel.

More Free-Panty-Photos-Ladies-Full-Briefs-Male-Modeled-Back-View

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